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India’s MOST FOOLISH man on the topic of corruption: Arvind Kejriwal

I was wondering who is more foolish on this topic: Kaushik Basu, or Arvind Kejriwal.

I've concluded that Kaushik Basu has at least SOME CHANCE of being right – once in 50 years.

But Arvind Kejriwal has ZERO chance of being right on the topic of corruption, even once in 1000 years.

I am amazed that "educated" people have bought in so eagerly into the world's most useless agenda against corruption:

a) Lokpal

b) Pay MPs Rs.25,000 per month (at current rates)

c) Continue with the government's existing role in things like education (just make it decentralised – whatever that means).

I award the prize for GREATEST IGNORANCE on the topic of corruption to Arvind Kejriwal.


To cleanse his mind (if he is willing) he can read this simple summary of
Chanakya's SOPHISTICATED AND BRILLIANT views on corruption and how to eliminate it

And if he is interested, he can follow up by reading BFN. I've personally suggested that to him, and am happy to explain.

Being honest is SIMPLY NOT A sufficient condition for doing well for the country. That's a bare minimum. Then comes knowledge. Deep knowledge.

Chanakya had it. I don't see ANYONE on India's political stage today who has anywhere close his depth of knowledge.

Arvind Kejriwal's party's promises

This is what Arvind is promising:

People will decide the price of essential commodities.

Right to Reject and Right to Recall.

Everyone will be provided with good education and good healthcare services.

Farmers will be given good price for their produce.

I shudder at India's fate should Arvind's "government" get elected.

Arvind, I request you to STOP your blind plunge into politics without first understanding the BASICS of good policy.

You are a good man but you are HOPELESSLY confused.

You will totally ruin India. Unless you stop and think.

Stop this madness.


There is still a chance for Arvind to reform, but I have a feeling he's DELIBERATELY not interested in engaging with me.

A lot of his wellwishers have personally asked him to contact me, to read my book. He has stayed away. He doesn't want to be told that he is DRASTICALLY WRONG!

If he continues down this path I will have no option but to declare him one more public enemy of India, along with Congress and BJP.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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36 thoughts on “India’s MOST FOOLISH man on the topic of corruption: Arvind Kejriwal
  1. Vishal Kumar Singh

    In fact at times I get worried with IAC and particularly the young people. They seem to be lost. Most of them follow Arvind Kejriwal mindlessly. He is the new rock star for them. I hope the ordinary uneducated people is more clever than our young educated people and will reject the Kejriwal socialist clowns. Let them vote for corrupt socialist clowns than honest socialist clowns.

    Honest socialist are 1000 times more dangerous than corrupt socialist.
    Let India stick with corrupt socialist until a liberal party like FTI comes in picture.

    I maintain Kejriwal is more dangerous than a corrupt BJP or Congress. His honestly will destroy India.

  2. Bhanu Shukla

    This so rediculours comment by you. As i have already made a comment you are only good policy maker not a politcian. You dont have enough guts to change india and no guts to fight for election. Atleast arvind is rising corruption issues, he is fighting on the streets. Can you do it? No, i know you can not do it because you like australia your comfortable job your security their, like others who dont want to come back in india. You people can not survive even a month in the corrupt system of india whereas on the other hand kejriwal is fighting like a true leader. I can call you Baton ka sher ussse aage nothing.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    There is a saying: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. In Hindi we say: don’t jump into a well just because someone is jumping into a well.

    I’ve been trying to reform India’s governance in a systematic way. I don’t jump into politics and contest elections just to win a seat or to score a point. I must be able to change the system in the right direction, else it is pointless.

    And it is CRUCIAL that I speak the truth. There are mostly only mindless blind fools and sheep among the “educated” classes in India. They have never bothered to understand what is wrong with India and will refuse to do so even after I keep repeating things 1000 times.

    The funny thing is I recently discovered that Chanakya, India’s great and famous man, has been saying MOST of the things I talk about. It is a shame that Chanakya is not taught in India. But he is 100000 times smarter on policy issues than Arvind Kejriwal and the MINDLESS youth (like you) who have assembled around him.

    So by pointing out that YOU are wrong, and Arvind is wrong, but that Chanakya is right, I’m showing you your ignorance, and giving you a chance to fix your own personal ignorance.

    Leave Arvind aside, since he does NOT read anything. He has been influenced by hardcore socialists and will not read Chanakya.

    But you can.

    So pl. do so.

    Ignore me. You can (in your DEEP ignorance) curse me or say whatever you like. But at least read Chanakya. That dead man wrote some superb things and transformed the India of his times.

    Assuming I’m a fool, you can ignore me, but at least read Chanakya? Do that.

    It might help you.

    My job is to change ONE person at a time. If you change, then India will change, too.


  4. Munish Raizada

    No point in contesting elections in a zeal. What is the policy agenda of Arvind Kejriwal? What is his blueprint for the country? Without that, even if his party wins a few seats in Loksabha elections, they will not be able to make a dent in a system which is devoid of accountability and is in fact rotten.
    India needs a revamp of the whole system. And for that to happen, a motley crowd of few MPs- how so well meaning they may be- will not help.
    FTI has dealth with this issue in details:
    People (leaders) need to unite

  5. vijay

    How can an IIT graduate be this close minded and borderline dumb? Is he just mouthing these socialist policies just to get votes? Being populist? Is he smarter than we give him credit for? After all, he is no longer an activist but a politician now, and has to play to the gallery(rural votes)

  6. raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Can you please explain me which point of arvind made you think that he his preaching socialism. And what would be your first point of agenda if you were to be in place of arvind.
    And arvind has still not come up with his full agenda. He will be coming out on Nov 26th. You also can send your suggestions to him. Arvind is quiet open to new ideas. Did you try to approach arvind ever and convince him on liberalism.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I’ve pointed out his more socialist points. Fixing prices, “providing” education, etc. NO change to existing socialist policy.

    I’ve met him, and also written 10 times to him. No. From all indications he is DEFINITELY NOT open to new ideas. I’ve rarely come across someone so closed to learning.


  8. raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Arvind’s main goal is to remove corruption. DOnt you think once corruption is out, it will on its way lead to enough development in the country. After lokpal was passed in singapore, there was so much development happend in singapore.

    Providing free education to all is even the policy maintained in Germany too. Dont you think germany has’nt progresses enough.

  9. raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    You have listed these points in your own blog,

    1. State funding of elections — for his party, he his not charging any one for party seat. He said people s donation will be used for the same.

    2. Remove all limits to electoral funding

    3. Ensure the MOST RIGOROUS disclosure requirements for political donations
    — he has told he will put all the funding details in his websites. and he will do it
    4. Pay the politicians VERY WELL.
    — initially he said 25k will be paid.But he has removed that clause. I guess he has realised this

    5. Elect politicians who promote classical liberalism
    –this is left to the people of india.

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I have deliberately and pointedly stated that Arvind is foolish on the topic of corruption. In brief, he doesn’t understand the CAUSE of corruption.

    Please note that Lokpal is NOT a solution to corruption. When you talk about Singapore, please note that it used the world’s MOST liberal economic policy and it paid its politicians and bureaucrats VERY highly. Arvind doesn’t understand either economics or governance. He is very foolish to make claims to solve India’s problems without the kind of understanding that Chanakya had over 2000 years ago.

    Arvind is nothing but Nehru Mark II. He will bring RUIN to India, not good governance.


  11. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I don’t get your point. Are you saying Arvind is SOMEHOW promoting good policy? The answer is NO.

  12. Abhishek

    Though, it is the luxury of a free country that you can criticize any one but a due credit must be given to KEJRIWAL for his ferocious attempt to change the STATUS QUO. but the basic problem with Kejriwal is that he and his comrade LACK VISION and have NO PROPER IDEOLOGY. You can not weed out corruption just by identifying one or other . He must know that main menace is not the corruption and politicians but the ideological framework around which whole Indian polity revolves. And in order to get rid of theses problems we must EVOLVE NEW IDEOLOGY.

  13. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m making clear that if Arvind continues spouting socialist ideas, I will begin a campaign to oppose him tooth and nail. I was FORCED by socialists to leave India. All socialists think they are doing the right thing, but they only INCREASE corruption.

    I will not have it FURTHER DESTROYED by socialists.

    We want liberty in India and we will HAVE it.

    Let Arvind read my work, and read Chanakya’s work. Then we can talk. Else he has now crossed the line into the DARK side, where the enemies of India are found: the socialists.


  14. raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    The monthly wage of MPs and MLAs would go up from the current Rs 33,000 to, say, Rs 3,50,000, with proportionate increases for Ministers. There will also be an annual adjustment based on the cost of living. Simultaneously, all perquisites and indirect benefits will be abolished
    A system of performance bonuses for all MPs and MLAs will be introduced:
    For every 1 per cent increase in per capita GDP growth beyond 5 per cent per annum, all our representatives will get a one-off 5 per cent bonus.
    For every 1 per cent permanent reduction – defined as a reduction sustained for two years – in the number of people below the poverty line, MPs and MLAs will get a permanent 1 per cent increase in their base salary. Once the negative income tax system is fully established, the entire reduction in poverty will be incorporated permanently into the base salary.
    For every ten ranks that India rises on a sustained basis of two years in Transparency International rankings, there will be a 5 per cent one-off bonus.
    There will be a permanent 20 per cent increase on base salary upon India’s becoming the world’s least corrupt country for two years in a row.
    The sum of these bonuses will be limited to a total of 50 per cent of the base salary in any given year.

    My view:

    Above points are your ways to eliminate corruption. I agree for your point that the people’s representatives need to be paid heavily. But how much heavily is the question. I see your answers above. I am feeling like laughing at your points. As per you 3.5 lakh per month i.e 36 lakh per year. So to make 1 crore he has to work for 3 years. You know how much does an averge MLA earns per year. It is minmum 2 to 3 crore. I am speaking about the average MLA who has no ministerial power. Each MP is sitting on atleast 1000 crore rupees. Do you think that these people will work for the nation just because of salary hikes of 5 to 10 percent. i.e just impossible

    Do you think not by punishing these ministers(through Lokpal) and just by giving mere 36 lakh per year (that too without incentives) will make these corrupt moral less ministers into sadhus. This would be the biggest joke of the century. One of my far relative who was in association with janardhan reddy has made 500 crores. My uncle is not in politcs. Just imagine how much each ministers and peoples representatives have eaten.

    And coming to electoral reforms. Arvind is suggesting all the points which you told. And you speak of socialist policy (state funding of election) in your own suggested electoral policy. Even germany which follows liberalism gives free basic education to all. Germany gives retirmental benefits to all the people of its countries. Irrespective of all these socialist poilices germany is growing. Each country has its own reasons for its growth stories apart from the stringest policies. Our countries economy stands basically on agriculture and service. Please do understand this

  15. raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I will take your electoral reforms exactly as you are suggesting. Let’s say you will contest and you will win also. So you are honest. Now you are getting 3.5 lakh per month salary. So what is the gurantee that you will not indulge in corruption now. Because any how as per you there is no body to check your corruption. So you will take huge salary and also indulge in big ticket corruption and make whooping 500 crore in 5 years. So for 5 years we the people don’t have control on you. And there is no body(lokpal or simlilar) to punish you as per your recommendation.

    So even you ways are wrong!

  16. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I have no time to discuss. If you are going to DO something then we can do so. Else, the package of reforms I’ve outlined is very well researched and I stand by it.

  17. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    R, I’m not wrong. You don’t understand the complete package. Sorry, can’t debate with those who don’t care to understand the whole package.

  18. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    R, I’m afraid you HAVEN’T read my work (e.g. BFN), haven’t understood what I’m saying, and will NOT do anything in life but indulge in idle debate. I can’t debate with the likes of you.

    Arvind is a different matter. I’ve offered to explain things personally to him. He is deserving of my time. Not you. You may want to at least do me the courtesy of reading BFN and my other work before raising points that are fully addressed in the book.


  19. raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I have read your BFN half. And i am about to finish this within few weeks. And arvinds swaraj fully. I will read even arta shastra completly. And i will surely debate on this topic once i am done with everything. But mind you. Dont simply call arvind a fool.

  20. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    R, I have no problems with criticism at all. You are welcome to form your opinions about me, etc. Your opinion doesn’t matter till you are actually DOING something to make a difference. So I challenge you to read comprehensively, understand, then DO something.

    On FTI we have extensive debates. I don’t debate much outside FTI and have no plans to do so. If there is a press conference that’s a different matter.

    And yes, I do call a spade a spade. Arvind is a FOOL as far as his understanding of corruption is concerned. I must speak my mind. That’s my duty. If he listens, I can explain. If not, so be it.


  21. raghavendra

    Hi S,
    BJP says it will bring back black money. They will not do it if they come to power. They are just using this tool for election campaigning.
    Similary arvind has to use these socialistic steps in his election campaign. If he say he will remove reservation,subsidies then even single vote will not fall for him.
    So I would say you still have lot of time to convince arvind.You can do so even when arvind comes to power.(may be or may not be)

  22. Atul

    I read your book BFN and also the Kautilya (Chanakya) article. I smell a close mindedness in your articles and books. You are being delusional by thinking, only the way your suggest, the problems in India can be solved, it is the first symptom of going down the path of doom.
    Rewards and Deterrence are just the most basic tool to discourage corruption but you are so naive to think that they can be used at the top level to remove corruption where it hurts the most. Infromation asymmetry is the root cause of it and I applaud Arvind for understanding this deep insight and realizing the measures taken to deplete this asymmetry will be the most effective ways to deal with this problem. RTI, Decentralization (reducing the scope of relevant information), E-Governance, Right to timely service are all bold steps in this direction.
    Completely Free market is an utopia just like the Marxist society attaining equilibrium we can just talk about a blurry scale between these two extremes and adjust policies with an open mindedness finding out what is working and what is not. Your personal ranting about Arvind is sounding more like a frustration that, it is not your views he is not giving attention to and he MUST come to you if he wants to solve problem of India again second symptom of going down the dustbin lane.

    Arvind has always mentioned this in his speeches that he can not solve problems of India, its the people , well wishers and honest men and women of India who will solve it. Election speeches, perception built up, mobilization of crowds are necessary in democracy irrespective of the agendas items or economic policy you follow . I suggest you should concentrate only on this aspect and leave aside the electoral process or speeches. May be if you get this basic requirement of being humble before presenting your views about others, he might listen to you and read your mails.

  23. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Arvind, Sir, is not just a fool but a hooligan. And if you neither know nor understand good economics/public admin, you might wish to ready OTHERS, if you don’t like reading my work. 

    But spare me your view that Arvind knows ANYTHING about corruption. RTI, etc. is NOT his innovation and, in any case, it is NOT the solution to corruption. Never was.

  24. Atul

    Ok So If I do no agree with your views in your book or your articles I do not know about good economics/public admin? you have Sir just created the Bible of economics and public administration , How many nobel prizes have you won for this amazing piece of work. (which by the way is nothing but a literature survey of old economics applied in Indian context)

    May be you are right Arvind does not know about corruption or economics but he knows the basic principle of “learning by mistakes” and insight that he is “not always right” ( which by the way You lack to the utmost degree).

  25. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Atul, I know nothing, but I do know that Arvind knows even less (i.e. negative on the scale) having written not the slightest thing of any value on either economics or public administration). That’s why don’t waste time with us. Go read some good books and then let’s talk. Assuming you are interested in a great India not in just babbling like a total fool. Try reading Arthashastra, for instance (sorry, Chanakya didn’t get a Nobel prize). Or Adam Smith (sorry,no Nobel,either). Fools aplenty in India, I notice. People not interested in ANY learning. Go win a Nobel prize and then return.


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