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Profit is SACRED. Shubh Labh. But Nehru HATED the mention of the word ‘profit’.

You might have noticed an image on this blog that I created some time ago – a combination of the common Hindu Swastika and “Shubh Labh” or sacred profit, with capitalism.



What a free society wants must be surely given the status of the sacred. Profit represents OUR PREFERENCES, OUR NEEDS, our desires. With a few exceptions, fulfilling these needs is the HIGHEST SERVICE.

Serving the needs of others is surely a sacred duty.

But India had the misfortune that its first Prime Minister, Nehru, HATED the idea of profit. A thorough-going socialist, his hatred of FREEDOM was extreme!

JRD Tata once reported: “Nehru once told me ‘I hate the mention of the very word profit’. I replied: ‘Jawaharlal, I am talking about the need of the public sector making a profit.’ Jawaharlal came back: ‘Never talk to me about the word profit; it is a dirty word’.” [Cited in ASSOCHAM’s JRD Tata Memorial Lectures (1998-2009), p.8].

What a sorry situation – that Nehru, otherwise a fine gentleman, did not understand that SERVING OTHERS IS GOOD. Profit is how the society rewards those who serve it.



If you have to worship something, please WORSHIP PROFIT. That’s better than worshipping Marx.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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7 thoughts on “Profit is SACRED. Shubh Labh. But Nehru HATED the mention of the word ‘profit’.
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I wouldn’t call him a megalomaniac. I have the highest regard for him as a person. But his socialist ideas were deeply flawed.

  2. Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    He couldn’t care less if he did not like a fellow. He won’t leave hhim without humiliation. These I thought were signs of megalomaniacs.

  3. Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    Mr. Sabhlok,

    I believe you live in Australia currently. How much do you care to examine descent from people on this blog? Because I hardly have any regard for Nehru as a person besides my gut feeling about Nehru is too little or nil. In fact my knowledge about the Nehru-Gandhi family history is very nauseating; if one goes by the posts on net. Dr. S. Swamy’s revelations apart from the scandals one read about Sonia’s colossal money minting sprees equalent to treachery and treson does not make me feel even the slightest regard.

    “What a sorry situation – that Nehru, otherwise a fine gentleman, did not understand that SERVING OTHERS IS GOOD. Profit is how the society rewards those who serve it.” I put extract here from your post and your personal repeated insinuations about ‘business’ are apparently dichotomous because the entire thing revolves round money; either making it or utilising it properly. A proper use of money in good cause is a part of business. “Without money, even the Vatican will not for a day”, I recall an American sociologist observing. Nehru had said these words to J R D when Nehru nationalised the ‘Air India’ out of vengeance. No wonder, India is in mess today because Nehru was so disdainful of profit. But then the tax payers have to make profit to vomit out tax and other mindless levies by these corrupt so called lawmakers and then swindle that people’s money into their illicit unknown accounts and betray, not only people, but commit treason too. Then falsehood become their protective hood.

    Present Sonia clans aka Congress have created such a vitiated environment in Delhi that nobody dares speak against them. Entire Govt machinary of all hues are CIA=Congress Investigative/Impeachment Agencies. You will know the deaths of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Rajiv Dixit, Deendayal Upadhyaya, even the deaths of Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Feroze Gandhi/Khan are a mystery but the informed Indian would like to know the answers for?

    I have raised these questions from time to time in vain. I shall be glad if the nation can know the secret correspondence between Nehru and Lady Edwina Mountbatten because it concerns the fate of entire destiny of freedom of India and the subsequent evolution or devolution of events like the ‘soft democracy’ India has. I repeat my charge on Nehru as megalomaniac because he even damn cared for his mentor – M Gandhi. You will recall, he disregarded Gandhiji for his many advices those included disbanding Congress after independence etc etc.

    I only hope that you will kindly give my observations a patient ear and mind. I came back India with a visionary mind, but only to grin and bear. I am not despondent but my mentle is not that strong to confront the odds India face. I have already made a long comment. Please excuse me but even this is not enough to express fully, only a glimpse. I agree with you on the mens rea but the modus operandi may not be easy as suggested by you unless you have a magic wand. I admire your patience over last 15 yrs. But the Nehru dynasty took 65 yrs to deface it, 15 yrs vis a vis construction versus destruction may be too meagre.

    Youth needs a leader. Arvind Kejriwal is a good example of the inspiration, the India youth have. But the humiliations meted out to his team are another example of difficulties of confronting the establishment.
    I am a septugenarian but still worked for Anna/Arvind/ IAC etc. Still the royal son-in-law Vadra is untouchable so far. Ashok Khemka paid the price for his patriotism and honesty. The entire world is testimony. Easy said than done. Having said, I have an incessant zeal to advocate confrontation of the Duryodhans/Kansas etc. Let us keep swimming against the current with a hope of winning oneday.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Dr OP

    I’m not interested in history (beyond a point). What Nehru wrote to whom is of no interest to me. What is relevant is the NOW, the today. And the future.

    So let me suggest that you stop looking backward and finding fault with this or that.

    Today the fault lies SQUARELY with the educated classes of India. They must rise and take over the governance of the country. Of course, just being good (like Kejriwal is good) is simply not enough. Let them learn to value good policy and liberty.

    Till today no one has launched a systematic attack against misgovernance in India. Only emotional, short term, socialist attacks (including from Kejriwal). Long term solutions lie in building strong institutions. FTI is engaged in that process. Pl. support it.


  5. Satish Murthy

    What is your take on the “Single Nation Theory” ? How feasible is it for India in present times ? Isn’t it time to allow independent statehood like Australia which has many autonomous independent provinces? Why have an apex court that discourages you from seeking your fundamental right ? Why should everything be governed from Delhi? Isn’t it better to disperse governance provincially or from State to State and do away with this quasi federal structure. Isn’t our special brand of socialism outdated and beyond its best.?

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    India’s current constitutional structure is fine. There needs to be strong unity in the face of centralised countries like China that can attack India from any side.


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