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I’m sorry Australia has such a disappointing person on its Climate Change Authority

Folks, I'll no longer be engaging with one "Professor" John Quiggin, member of Australia's Climate Change Authority. I'm posting my last correspondence with him. No more trying to show John the truth.

It has been a great disappointment to interact with John whose specialisation seems to be to INSULT everyone who points out his errors. He ALWAYS plays the person, NEVER the ball.

I fear for the future of mankind with with such people being appointed to senior roles by governments.

I truly fear for mankind's future. Not because of CO2 (which is a boon) but because of those who REFUSE to investigate the truth and yet hold high positions of influence.


[My last email to John]

John, I was trying to help. But if you feel that everyone who points out the truth (and I really don't care about who Evans is) is some kind of a fraud or liar, then I'm done.

I clearly proved to you that Donna's observations are perfectly in line with a peer reviewed publication that assesses the use of peer reviewed journals by the 3rd Assessment. That was never my key issue anyway. Why do you think that's an issue? I don't care for [the] peer reviewed/ non-peer reviewed [criterion]. Only for the truth.

I have also read Donna's book now and it appears EVERYTHING in it is correct. I've verfied a few of her references. I strongly encourage you to verify for yourself how IPCC has been taking the world for a big ride.

I have repeatedly shown you that your multiplication by 100 is wrong. You haven't yet fixed it that fundamental error.

But given the nature of responses I keep getting from you, I'm no longer going to engage. I thought I was discussing with someone interested in the truth. I'm clearly mistaken.

I won't insult you, though, as you keep insulting others (and me). I wish you the best in your life and career.


On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 8:39 PM, John Quiggin [Sanjeev: email ID removed] wrote:

Evans is a fraud – he's taken a stint doing some carbon accounting software and used it to present himself as an expert on climate science. You failed to respond to my observation that Laframboise claims about IPCC references were false, and as far as I can tell you still haven't read the reports you're denouncing. [Sanjeev: This is FALSE. I responded to John repeatedly!] You also ignored it when I pointed out that the article you cited, obviously sourced from the denialist blogosphere though you danced around the question, was a load of rubbish. [Sanjeev: This is FALSE. I fully accepted that ONE of the two articles I pointed out was later superseded by another article, but that didn't even remotely disprove the key point that his multiplication by 100 was WRONG.]

If you want to believe silly conspiracy theories, go ahead. You're only confirming the observation that belief in the free market is highly correlated with conspiracist, anti-science views on everything from AIDS to the moon landing
Please don't waste my time any further. [Sanjeev: As if I have time enough to waste so that I can waste others' time! John has no idea of the hours I put in each day!]


On 03/08/2012, at 8:27 PM, Sanjeev Sabhlok <> wrote:


John, don't know if you are still interested in the science, but one Dr David M. W. Evans shows clearly that IPCC models have all grossly over-predicted temperatures, and predicted other effects which have not actualised. I suggest you re-consider your ill-placed faith in IPCC's reports. Pl. see:

I would appreciate being notified when you review the facts and change your mind.



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