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How to get me to listen. And please do persist if you don’t get a response!

On an average day I receive well over 200 messages on Facebook, Twitter, email (two accounts at least) and many google and yahoo groups. Plus comments on this blog.

In that process I miss a few comments/messages.

In particular, I use Facebook as a FREE medium of propaganda. It is not my preferred communication system. Nor is Twitter.

My goal on Facebook and Twitter is to BOMBARD EVERYONE with my messages, not to listen to you!

(I do listen – by skimming through feeds from about 100 blogs each day, so if you write a good blog chances are I'll know what you are doing.)

It is such a hit and miss thing, anyway, this social media thing. Thousands of people constantly talking to each other. It is a miracle that any coherent conversation can occur at all.

Particularly on Facebook – which I use primarily for propaganda  (I run about 30 groups/pages myself!) – I tend to unfollow most posts and minimise clutter by not looking into my message box (which is so confusing anyway).

Yes, FB is useful, but I use it PURELY for MY needs, not for yours!

Also please note, that on FB if you publish any politically favourable comment re: Congress/Modi, or pester me, or tag photos "of me", etc. I am likely to summarily "unfriend" you and delete/ban your posts. No time to debate on FB. FB requires a one-on-one debate, and I generally don't have time to undertake one-on-one debate. I want ALL my discussions to remain on PUBLIC RECORD. FB is not a good public record. This blog is.

So if FB/Twitter is not a good way to meet your need of getting me to listen to you/ respond to you, then what should you do?

For your needs of communication, please use old fashioned email and this blog.

The best is email. Write to me at I'm certain to get it and will likely respond (unless it somehow slips through the cracks). If you don't hear back from me, please remind me. Don't hesitate to hassle me! Don't hesitate even to be rude if I'm getting too late. I'm aware of my limitations and don't mind being reminded. (But not every fifth second please!)

I do mind it when people write to me on FB/twitter and get worked up if I don't reply. Sorry, but social media is such a mess! Take it easy folks!

Let's try to use OLD FASHIONED email for a change.

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