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Glad to hear, finally, that IAC will enter politics. Let’s do a reality check of policies now.

It took JP many years of prodding to enter politics. He finally did, in 2006. That was great news for India.

It is also good that the IAC has FINALLY listened to the voice of reason in terms of approach to reform: an issue I've been raising for a long time; and will no longer waste time in useless and inappropriate dharnas and dramas. IAC will now join politics.

Now the real battle begins.

At this time, it is crucial that I should see a different, FREEDOM LOVING Arvind Kejriwal. That Arvind will need to be different to the socialist-leaning Kejriwal we have seen so far.

IAC, DO NOT announce a political party. That will be fatal. You'll merely become one more Lok Satta, one more Jago party. Guaranteed to lose.

First let ALL good leaders assemble and hammer out the policies India needs. That's what FTI is doing. Join FTI (subject to your agreeing to classical liberalism).

Politics must be based on (a) GOOD FAITH and (b) AGREED POLICIES. Good faith will be demonstrated by ensuring that IAC engages with Lok Satta and leaders from FTI.

We need GOOD POLICY, not just politics. Let that be clear to everyone from the word "go".

The journey has begun, but challenges are many.

I look forward to an IAC with which one can agree good policies.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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11 thoughts on “Glad to hear, finally, that IAC will enter politics. Let’s do a reality check of policies now.
  1. KK Verma

    @Sanjeev, Hats off to your visionary appeal during the last meeting with Arvind Kejriwal, when you were in India, he is doing what you suggested him at that time.

    Changing the political landscape may be the one solution for India but as you have also said and accepted, it is not an easy task.

    IAC will commit a blunder if they form another party for 2014 election. It will be catastrophic for Arvind and Anna’s team members. One or two members like Kiran Bedi or Arvind may get elected and enter in parliament but it will not solve the deep rooted problem for which they have been fighting and most of proactive Indians are working so hard to succeed. Arvind needs better strategic management. He should not take decisions after nine days fast at Jantar Mantar. It is fatal.

    Arvind may be inspired with the success of Akhilesh or Mamata but they had different background for last 30 years. I hope this time Arvind Kejriwal takes initiative to meet you in Australia to formulate next strategic idea for the betterment of this country.

  2. vijay

    Hi Sanjeev, I am back again, following dveelopments with IAC closely. Wanted to know your thoughts on the following:

    1. Parties are sneering at IAC entering politics claiming that they always had political ambitions. WaIs that so? what is your thought on this?You have interacted with Arvind earlier

    2. If they didnt want to enter politics, what other alternatives they had left to fight the government and pressurize them to pass Jan Lokpal? This is an actual question I have, not a rhetorical sttaement.

    3. Rather than seeing IAC announcement of entering politics as an “exit strategy” as UPA and other parties are accuding them of, I see it as an “entry strategy” into politics. what is wrong about nurturting ambitions to enter politics anyways? why is it being accused of like a a crime? Does Arvind or Prashant or Kiran come across as power-hungry individuals waiting for an opportune moment to enter politics with the aim of grabbing power? No, according to me, but wanted to know your thoughts

    Finally, I request you pitch the FTI leaders to Arvind, as candidates being groomed for 2014, and also discuss possibility of a joint effort on this, if indeed they are going to contest in 2014. This is a golden opportunity for FTI, Loksatta and Team Anna to form a considerable fourth front.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Vijay, I met Arvind for 20 minutes in February 2012, and he indicated that Team Anna were considering options for entering politics. Thereafter, I’ve been in touch with some of those who know him well and it has been VERY CLEAR to them that Arvind had decided to enter politics quite some time ago. He was perhaps waiting for the right time, or building momentum before he declared this. In that sense, this decision was not a matter of “if” but “when”.

    I have ALWAYS said that good people must enter politics. So I don’t see this as a “crime” but as a necessary part of citizenship for those who believe the country can do better. This is NOT about power, and I don’t think Arvind is interested in power, either. It is about citizenship. I’m pleased that Team Anna will no longer undertake very questionable tactics (fasts) and will join the normal political democratic process.

    Re: your last point, I’m afraid Arvind’s worldview is socialist, FTI’s is ANTI-socialist.

    So unless there is policy agreement, there can be no working together.

    Nehru was an honest man but he destroyed India. Unless Arvind completely understands liberty, he will destroy India (if he is successful in politics), as well. Being a good man is not enough. I’m a good man. You are a good man. Good men are dime a dozen.


  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear KK

    Thanks, but I don’t think I was influential in Team Anna’s decision. Arvind has never bothered even to respond to me, although he promised to do so.

    Re: “Arvind needs better strategic management”. Couldn’t agree more.

    Let’s see if Arvind is interested in good policy (and hence the success of India) or just in imposing his (largely socialist) views on India.


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