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We are greedy “boozers”. Anna Hazare is a hero. Not! He is a coward.

I'm SICK to death of listening to this old "sage" tell us that he (the "hero") can't get elected because the Indian voter is ONLY driven by alcohol and money. 

even today if a Rs 500 note is waved in front of people they will vote for you, and a drunkard will vote for you if he is promised alcohol' [Source]

The Indian voter (i.e. the citizen) is a GREEDY, DRUNKEN FOOL, and Anna Hazare is such a hero.


Let Anna Hazare do the right thing and CONTEST ELECTIONS. 

If he keeps INSULTING the voter, though, he is SURE to be defeated. 

Let him learn to respect the people.

I know he likes to beat people with an army belt, but this is getting ridiculous. How much insult should Indians take from this old medievalist?

I'm totally SICK of this kind of thinking, and the fact that this kind of a SICK man even gets media attention.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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14 thoughts on “We are greedy “boozers”. Anna Hazare is a hero. Not! He is a coward.
  1. Anil Girotra

    It is Anna’s right to enter electoral politics or otherwise.To call him a coward for his decision not to fight election is rather harsh.Anna has made a big difference in bringing corruption at the centrestage without being a member of any assembly or parliemen.also while I do not agree that all voters are for liquor or money to vote for a candidate,you cannot deny the fact that one needs lot of money to fight an election and even if an independent wins an election it is very unlikely that he as an independent can make a difference or transformation.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Anil

    I dislike people who keep criticising the COMMON MAN and act like HEROES.

    To me Anna’s actions have been mostly misplaced and even wrong (e.g. beating people with belts). He is NOT a hero calibre person but pretends to be a “Gandhian”.

    And by continuously throwing MUD at the Indian voter AND the elected representatives he is becoming more part of the problem, not the solution.

    And yes, if he is afraid to lose, then he is a coward. Why is he afraid of the verdict of the voter? Because then the media won’t care for his “Gandhian” dhong?

    This man has to stop damaging India’s democracy and become PART of it.


  3. Nitin Gulhane

    Oh comeon. I have witnessed money and alcohol being distributed with my own eyes and have had a couple of cheap drinks myself. Only difference is that nowadays Indians have become untrustworthy and may not vote for the guy who gave them money and daaru. Our previous generation was good and gave votes to anybody who gave them daaru.

    I don’t have great respect for Indian voters but I also think that even the politicians thus elected have better morals than an average IAS/IPS (or anybody picked by trash collecter named UPSC) officer.

    So Anna Hazare is not far off the mark…but I don’t want anybody to think that just having money can win you elections. Not anymore. AT least in urban India.

  4. Nitin Gulhane

    ANd assuming that everybody who has not contested election is a coward is a bigger insult to millions of Indians who never contested elections.

    Whether Anna contests elections (at 74!) is not something I care. I also agree that he has idiosyncracies of his own (but then who doesn’t) and I am also against beating up drunkards. ANd I may not agree with his ways.

    However, I wouldn’t doubt his courage. Not every civil activist need to contest election. Being an MP and MLA is a very stressful job and a good man will be busy working 20 hours a day for his own small constituency with little time left for national politics…unless of course, one gets to become a cabinet minister.

    I see most politicians are busy paying back their debts to their friends and families who had toiled during campiagns and had provided monetary support.

    I know my post is going on a tangent to your blogpost…but I find it amusing when you implore almost everybody in team Anna to conetst elections…as if contesting election is a panacea.

  5. Ramesh

    No Sanjeev,

    This is not convincing. That is he beats people majority neglect it or do not take seriously. That is fact not to be denied! You cannot make that an issue unless more people feel that serious.

    Anyhow there is a STRONG fear that he will be defeated for sure. You/we are trying for more than a decade to establish the national platform and still negligible compared to his fame (however it may be). Many times you/we have blamed the intellectuals of India for not coming up to take the leadership. He is blaming quite common people for not electing local honest people. We/you are similar to him. Still you blame him! However I praise him for shaking India though for futile, thing is different!

    Point is that: This is post makes negative impact of yours, my personal observation.

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    My problem with Anna is twofold: (a) he KEEPS ON insulting the people of India and their elected representatives – thereby pretending to be some kind of God which he is NOT, and (b) he refuses to bring about change through CONSTITUTIONAL METHODS.

    The brave man, Ramesh, is one who does the RIGHT THING, despite the risk of failure.

    So what if Anna Hazare is DEFEATED by the people of India? I don’t care about his defeat. I care for his doing the right thing.

    If he is AFRAID of defeat, then he is a coward.

    Let him bravely contest elections and seek the PEOPLE’S MANDATE.


  7. Ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,

    Re:The brave man, Ramesh, is one who does the RIGHT THING, despite the risk of failure.

    You are absolutely right! It is only through such chain of failure that way to success emerges eventually!

    But out of 100 only 10 realize this and 90 take it negatively. Whom will you blame? This is democracy. Number matters! Not the quality of support!! You will have to be Godlike to convince the people whom Anna calls boozers. Majority are something like boozers. Do you deny the fact?

    That FTI is still taking the time and likely to take much time itself is a grand proof for the above stated fact, again this is my personal observation.


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