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US government must let Modi enter USA, or disclose its full reasons

I'm a staunch enemy of BJP – a hugely corrupt, often violent political group. And I have a big question mark about Modi, a major BJP member, on whom I maintain a public dossier.

But I disagree with the idea that anyone should be denied entry to USA just because some petty bureaucrat in the US government has formed a view that a person is "responsible for serious violation of religious freedom" [Source]. This is not a transparent process. It raises more questions than it answers.


I call upon the US to fully disclose its findings re: Modi, OR let him enter USA.

The USA SHOULD NOT ostracise someone officially without public proof. This is a very bad way to "promote" liberty and democracy – to refuse an ELECTED official entry into USA while allowing dictators (Chinese and others) full access.

Unless Modi is convicted, he MUST be deemed to be innocent – for ALL official purposes. In my mind he is almost certainly guilty, but I'm searching for evidence.

A government can't afford the luxury of blacklisting someone without PUBLIC PROOF. 

This black mark on USA (not on Modi!) can only be removed by letting Modi enter USA.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “US government must let Modi enter USA, or disclose its full reasons
  1. Ankit

    Dear Respected Sir,

    Read some of your perspective on Modi. Thought I should write to you.
    I truly believe Modi is one leader who can pull millions out of poverty & illiteracy and take India forward into the 21st century. I hope that everyone sees Modi as a clear-sighted, decisive (maybe autocrat: I think we all are looking for such quality) and visionary leader. You only have to Google and see his thoughts (thru videos) on Development: Education, Water, Power (Solar), Roads, Job creation, etc is his mantra. Probably, the only Leader in India who talks for all his citizens irrespective of their Religion or Caste – right from 2002 (check out his interview in outlook where he talks his commitment towards 5 crore Gujaratis in 2002!!).

    I think he deserves 5 years as PM – lets judge him after that. India truly needs him – please try to recognize and try to look beyond 2002.

    If not – well that is one vote less – but you wont be able to stop him from becoming PM. NaMoforPM!!

    All the best and healthy for future.
    Take care.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Ankit, you are welcome to your hopes about Modi. I am only helping build a far – FAR – by an order of thousands of times – superior alternative.

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