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Mr 12.5 per cent (Rahul Gandhi), your faded Nehru DNA is not good qualification to lead India

Some time ago I gave Rahul Gandhi this choice – if he is intrinsically a good man he will leave his thoroughly corrupt and anti-people party and start a new one that is founded on the concepts of integrity and freedom.

But he chose to hang on to his fiefdom.

And now the people have REJECTED his approach.

They know that all existing parties are corrupt. But if they have to vote for a corrupt party anyway, then why vote for someone with only ONE qualification – that he has 12.5 per cent of Nehru's DNA?

Rahul Gandhi, the FOURTH GENERATION progeny of Nehru, has made himself "prince" of his Congress party without having any qualifications or capabilities.

This fool has now apparently said that "he would not tolerate indiscipline in the party". [Source] But he will tolerate TOTAL corruption, won't he? And policies that destroy liberty?

Mr 12.5 per cent, you'd better get used to defeat.

The people have spoken. Your faded Nehru DNA is no longer needed. Your place is probably going to be behind prison bars, the corrupt enemy of India that you are.

चुप बे! साडे बारह per cent.



Rahul Gandhi playing caste politics:

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “Mr 12.5 per cent (Rahul Gandhi), your faded Nehru DNA is not good qualification to lead India
  1. Nitin Gulhane

    Rahul Gandhi has publicly accepted that he is in politics because of his parentage and family.
    I do not see why would RG quit congress and form some another party to challenge party of that his father and mother worked for. He has lived with Congress party ideals for all of his life and it is natural that he is convinced that his party is the best for India.
    When almost everybody seem to have great respect for his/her parents’ ideologies, why wouldn’t RG be proud of his parent’s idealogies?

    Rahul Gandhi has carried himself well, he has kept himself out of any controversy and he is staying in India when he can easily migrate to Italy or some other country.

    He is one of the most influential man in India. Although his parentage is primary factor behind his status, he has done quite well to create a niche for himself in Indian people’s psyche.

    It doesn’t matter what percentage Nehru he is. One may love him or hate him but he is a big part of Indian political equation. Expecting him to give up his lifelong held ideals and form another party is ludicrous.

    People expect a way too much from RG…goes to show the respect that people have for him. I consider him a mere mortal just like myself and expect him to do whats best for his party. Whether its best for his country is something only time will tell.

    I may have a big problem with Indian govt formed by Congress the corrupt, UPSC the trash collector and BJP the useless, however, I wouldn’t blame individuals. Asking him to ‘Chup be 12.5%’ is something even I wouldn’t do…I have nothing against swearing…I do it quite often myself. However, I am quite happy with RG because he has carried himself well. My expectations from him are very low…he is afterall just a human…like me and you.

    People seem to expect him to be a messiah and rescue them…and when he doesn’t they get angry and try scolding him and asking him to shut up.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Rahul is a major enemy of India because he heads (or is second in “line”) of the most corrupt organisation in the world. This organisation has looted India.

    If HE was good he could have done otherwise. He hasn’t. So he is a crook #1.

    I have no sympathies for such crooks. Indian voter may vote for Congress in the total absence of leaders, but he needs to be thoroughly opposed, along with his thoroughly corrupt party.


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