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Man is the ONLY form of intelligence in the universe

I thought I'll extract from a few of my recent comments re: human knowledge.

We are the only form of intelligence in this universe

I'm by no means suggesting that any individual human being is particularly intelligent (we are not, being largely controlled by impulse and a latent brain that Kahneman calls System 1), but our System2 (rational brain) is the ULTIMATE form of intelligence in this universe.

Man is the ONLY intelligent being in this universe – based on all knowledge accumulated so far. There is no evidence of any other intelligent being. [Source] (Addendum: While this doesn't mean other forms don't exist: the inductive method can never guarantee that, one can be fairly confident of this fact: not just on the basis of observation but also on the basis of theory)

Our knowledge is rapidly approaching infinity

Our knowledge of the universe is now very close to complete. There are some things that we cannot yet penetrate (e.g. before the Big Bang) but plenty of theories based on the laws of nature (physics) do that.

I can’t say PRECISELY when man will gain FULL knowledge of the universe. It may never happen. But it is DEFINITELY going to happen.

I’m not saying we’ll easily get to 100 per cent, but we are now many times the level of knowledge we had just 300 years ago. Perhaps by an order of 5000 times. In every field of inquiry, man is now pushing frontiers.

You are probably aware of the asymptote. We can perhaps never get to the actual infinity (of knowledge) but we are now approaching it VERY RAPIDLY. The speed of approach may reduce as infinity gets closer but currently man’s knowledge is speeding up, not slowing down.

Life is entirely understandable (and therefore creatable)

I have absolutely NO DOUBT that the time is not very far away when man will create life, not just bacterial life but advanced life, human life, IN LABORATORIES. There are no mysteries beyond ANY point. All knowledge is purely material and 100 per cent knowable by man.

Anyway, that’s what has been the trend so far. In just one generation we now know many times what the previous generation knew (and more accurately). If this rate of growth of knowledge continues (there is no reason to believe it won’t), man will have mastered fusion within two to three generations (leading to the availability of virtually INFINITE energy). That would also create sufficient power to reproduce the environment for the creation of life.

Life is a particular combination of molecules that fights entropy. Once created, it (figuratively) can’t be destroyed since it has the ability to reproduce. I have no doubt that life is entirely knowable.


1) I'm NOT saying that we are nearing the end of our journey. Another 100 years later we will be much closer. That's all I'm saying.

2) I'm NOT saying that just because we are intelligent we will learn to live together in peace.

3) I'm NOT saying that just because we know how good societies must be run (through principles of liberty) that we'll necessarily do so.

Our instinct is (often) in opposition to our reason. That will be the main barrier to our reaching perfection in our lives.

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