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Hindutva leaders want reservations for ever

I'm continuing my investigation of the claim that Hindutva opposes the caste system. 

Here's a key extract from Advani's speech on reservations:

"In addition to continuing with reservations in jobs and education for SCs, STs and OBCs" [Taken from Advani's own blog post]

What else need be said? 

Ambedkar wanted reservations for 10 years, but Hindutva leaders believe strongly in the caste system and want reservations for ever.

Had Hindutva leaders genuinely opposed the caste system, they would have demanded abolition of reservations accompanied by equal education for all, and greater economic liberty. On all these things, they have taken the anti-liberty position.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “Hindutva leaders want reservations for ever
  1. Ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,

    I am afraid your emphasize is insincere. Ambedkar, as per my knowledge, promoted nay invented caste politics, minority game way back during the freedom struggle itself (you did not prove otherwise in my previous comment). Definitely it has been in his mind (most probably due to his mindset towards Hinduism/community) since the very beginning. I repeat “Today if politics in India (and hence the entire bureaucracy, education and in every field) has been affected far worse than the plague decreasing efficiency only because of this (Qualified people are precondition to the good policies-vicious circle). A leader of his caliber should have foreseen the effects of reservations in a democracy affecting to such great and far reaching consequences. Today if castism has any place in indian politics it is just because of his original recommendation for10 years though. It undoes all that make him so liberal given the extent of its effects!

    Today if reservations are backed by BJP and other Hindu parties it is just because they want vote bank and no other reason could probably be attributed to it. It is the vote bank which makes it so and this card has been far well played by the congress for the last so many decades. Remember BJP is first political party and then hindutva if any! They first will always try to survive by way of reservations etc and later try to appease the hindus who are almost helpless in every sense (philosophical interpretations, lack of political unity etc).

    For this reason Ambedkar is most likely to be popular for his cast card and anti hindu thinking rather than his cause for liberty and freedom (since it can’t tolerate any reservations/minority politics of any sort).

    Hence I doubt your emphasize to be insincere given your applause for him for the very reason of liberty and freedom which I find something awkward. We try to break free of Nehru who ruled India using the very constitution pioneered by Ambdedkar! Liberty and freedom vanished but reservations continued!! You appear to attribute it more to Hindutva than him and his party Congress! Isn’t it really awkward?

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Just because a fool (Ambedkar) jumps in a well doesn’t mean you jump after him (BJP).

    Are BJP the copycats of Ambedkar (in ONE thing)? Are BJP the copycats of Nehru (in socialism)?

    Is Hindutva a philosophy without meaning?

    Ambedkar is dead and gone. His mistakes died with him. Ambedkar is NOT my hero. I have none. I am the only one who must understand and speak things the way I see the truth.

    But Advani is alive and kicking. Is Advani a merely political actor, desperate for power AT ANY COST?


  3. Ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,

    It is less about BJP, Hindutva philosophy but more about the TREND that sets in of the sort of ‘reservations’, minority politics. Even it is well realized by the leaders that they are rot hardly anything can be done to do away with it for the sake of power. I have heard many leaders claiming ‘reservation’ etc to be core part of the constitution which cannot be amended even by the parliament etc.

    One of the salient features of the modern politics (democracy) is that there is always a race for Power and it is “less of good and bad but more of means (like reservations etc)” that help them keep the power that matters most.

    My above comment was originally in reference to your

    wherein your stated that “Ambedkar was one of the greatest Indian proponents of liberty. But he is hated by many “Hindus” because he took thousands of “Dalits” – their slaves – en-masse out of Hinduism into Buddhism.”

    Now that you corrected yourself like

    “Just because a fool (Ambedkar) jumps in a well doesn’t mean you jump after him (BJP).”

    my above comment should become redundant.

    Let us adore those who are worth it so that ‘proper trend could be set’ and generation is not misdirected since there are more blind people than with good eyes in the society as is being witnessed about ‘sanatan dharma’/Hindutva etc when it comes to thinking, reasoning, rationality etc.

    Anyway thanks for clarifications.


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