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Here are my details, CID and West Bengal Police. Please catch me if you can.

Apparently CID are looking for IP addresses from which various posts about Mamata Banerjee were made.

the West Bengal Police has also started probing a complaint of defamation against social networking sites, including Facebook. The complainant alleges malicious campaigning against Mamata Banerjee on social networking sites. The case was handed over to the CID on Wednesday. The police is now tracking IP addresses from where the posts were made.

Well, you don't have to do any IP addresses, WB Police. I'm available publicly at sabhlok AT gmail DOT com. If you write to me I'll disclose my full details to you.

I've challenged you to arrest me, you dimwits. Why do you catch mere helpless professors and sick heart patients? Catch a former Commissioner and senior IAS officer who wants to TOTALLY CHANGE INDIA. No guts to catch me????

Once you write to me I'll provide you FULL DETAILS. You can then start your process of prosecuting me. Let's see how far you can take your unconstitutional steps.

Let's bring the miserable tyrannical government of Mamata Banerjee down – and ALL such governments.


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose surely did not fight and lose his life so that TWO PENNY DICTATORS like Mamata Banerjee would rule indepedent India.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Here are my details, CID and West Bengal Police. Please catch me if you can.
  1. silent censorship

    The problem is not just one Mamata Bannerjee, it is systemic because of draconian laws vesting huge powers with the police (who abuse these powers without blinking). Criminal Defamation law is one, and Information Technology Act (IT Act) is another. As long as these laws are in place, there will be no shortage of Digvijay Singhs, Ajit Pawars, Mamata Bannerjee’s and their kind who seek to neutralize their critics with least cost. The end goal is silent censorship, I think it may be happening already.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Well said. You could contribute to removing these constraints by providing a detailed writeup (not more than 2 pages) on the structure of this FTI position on lokpal. Please say clearly what is needed and why. Please also address key questions that people might have. Then FTI could debate this draft internally and put it out as FTI policy. Each of these things will ultimately add up.

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