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Fighting for life despite thousands of “doctors”

The last time I literally fought for my life was when I faced extreme RSI pain and burning across the upper body. For those who don't understand chronic pain it will sound odd that someone could use such strong words ("fighting for life"). But when you appear ABSOLUTELY fine from outside but are burning with pain inside, things become really bad: worse (at least mentally) than if you had a major bleeding injury that was evident to everyone. You suffer massive endless pain and burning, and other deplorable sensations, but none can see anything wrong with you.

That's when I hunted from pillar to post for solutions: going to one "doctor" (medical quack, with medical degree or otherwise) after another. Three and a half years later, after tens of REALLY STUPID "doctors" had miserably failed in even providing the remotest diagnosis, and after I had spent endless ours studying the medical and other literature (I read as widely as I possibly could), I finally found the possible answer that led to the remedy

Today I'm almost pain free (not entirely since I do type excessively – once again) because I have mastered the relevant exercises and fitness regime. Pain comes back if I don't exercise rigorously every second day. But my satisfaction is that I fought back for my life and won. I detest the ignorant medical profession and give credit to qualities of PERSISTENCE, STAMINA and CRITICAL THINKING for my fortune in finally finding the answer.

This time, though, the fight is much harder. 

This time the issue is eye pain and terrible burning, stabbing and other deplorable sensations (photosensitivity, etc), and unrelenting headache. One swims in pain the whole day, but even worse, this pain then refers across the entire body, including to the legs and feet (a sensation of great irritation and nausea) which makes one feel like fainting. Exhaustion sets in virtually the moment one wakes up.

The FOOL medical profession has been of no help whatsoever. These people SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY or patience to understand anything complex.

They have crammed for their exams and know only their own little patch (and that too, very poorly). Blind to the complexity of the human body, they blabber nonsense, charge big money, and send off patients into the ether for the patients to either commit suicide, or to find the remedy themselves – if they can. 

Sometimes I feel the world might as well not have had "doctors".

Despite this terrible reality of the world in which we live, I would like to reach out to millions of others who have been BADLY let down by the medical profession.

Let me assure you: there is ALWAYS an answer. The body is a PHYSICAL entity (machine) that can be understood and mastered.

For instance, I have full confidence in my ability to find an answer through careful scientific analysis and experiment. The trick is to understand all causes, test everything that is possible, try out all possible remedies, and then determine correlations between particular treatments and the consequent sensations.

Unfortunately, determining ALL causes is very hard. That's what takes the longest (and that's where doctors primarily fail: they do NOT try out all causes). This generally involves reading up on MASSIVE amounts of medical SCIENCE, but also patients' experiences on google, etc.

An example is the analysis I have been conducting of my eyes. After nearly 18 months of suffering, I'm coming closer to the cause. I found, today, an online mindmap tool. Here's my current mindmap.

(click for larger image)

This mindmap only provides highlights of possible causes and potential remedies. Underpinning this is EXTENSIVE scientific analysis – on a scale that doctors perhaps CAN'T COMPREHEND. Since it will take me too long to document that analysis, I wont' try.

But unfortunately, such analysis is only the beginning. I'm still far from determining the cause, leave alone the solution.

Since I don't have any answer, why do I publish this?

Mainly to provide courage and support to those who, like me, are suffering GREATLY, but have no one in this whole world to help them. They are on their own. To such people I say: Trust IN YOURSELF. If you apply your mind carefully enough, you will ultimately find the answer. 

At least one can try. Pain is just another part of life.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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15 thoughts on “Fighting for life despite thousands of “doctors”
  1. AAryan

    On a personal note:
    If I consider any health issue as a “hill”, then : –
    Most of the Doctors can only put together or say comprehend 50% of the symptoms. They can only see this side of the hill, as it is uphill. Once you cross the 50% mark, then it is difficult for them to comprehend as it is a downhill to other side which is not visible.

  2. Ramesh

    Liked AAryan,

    That is why here in our culture EXPERIENCE, NATURAL DIET (NOT NECESSARILY NUTRITIONAL AND HYBRID) AND HABITS are alone which decide perfect health. Medical Science or Science has only about, as you put it, 50% can bring the success. The moment science brings about 100% accuracy human being will be prepared in lab and he will cease to be human being that moment onwards just being perfect machine!

    Essence: It is futile to look after the remedy in the science after a CERTAIN POINT.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Re: “It is futile to look after the remedy in the science after a CERTAIN POINT”

    I totally disagree with this statement, Ramesh. Science is it. There is no knowledge beyond science, and if there are any such claims (e.g. natural diet or anything else), these MUST pass the test of science.

    In other words, while DOCTORS may be incompetent, lack understanding of medical science, etc. the fault is not of medical science. Science is SUPREME. There is no other possible source of knowledge. Evidence based, testable, critical thinking based.


  4. ramesh

    That ‘everything is science’ is entirely unrelated here. What I am making out here is that “while DOCTORS may be incompetent, lack understanding of medical science, etc. the fault is not of medical science.”

    “It is futile to look after the remedy in the science after a CERTAIN POINT” means that one can know the science upto a certain limit only and that beyond a certain limit one (human beings) can not know, in principle, the this very science (mass, time, space etc) in thier ultimate nature. The moment that happens, human beings would be manufactured in the laboratories just like mobile handsets…as stated in my earlier comment.

    Essence: It is not about the science but our ability to know the science and that there is a limit to it!

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh I have absolutely NO DOUBT that the time is not very far away when man will create life, not just bacterial life but advanced life, human life, IN LABORATORIES. There are no mysteries beyond ANY point. All knowledge is purely material and 100 per cent knowable by man.

    Anyway, that’s what has been the trend so far. In just one generation we now know many times what the previous generation knew (and more accurately). If this rate of growth of knowledge continues (there is no reason to believe it won’t), man will have mastered fusion within two to three generations (leading to availability of virtually INFINITE energy). That would also create sufficient power to reproduce the environment for the creation of life.

    Life is a particular combination of molecules that fight entropy. Once created, it (figuratively) can’t be destroyed since it has the ability to reproduce. I have no doubt that life is entirely knowable.


  6. Ramesh

    Yes, the moment that happens human being would cease to be so as I have been pointing out since the beginning on Vedanta (my ultimate principle) basis.

    Reason: There won’t be any meaning to the passions, love, happiness, misery, prosperity, poverty, APPETITE etc as the same would be programmed in the lab (in which direction? for what purpose being unanswered!).

    In essence their won’t be any purpose of life! What it could be at all?

    Who would need energy (not to consider infinite of it!) since he would be programmed at the lab itself on a self sustainable basis!

    What reality you do you prophesies? Any idea?

    Hope I myself is in sense while writing this comment, if otherwise, please point out!

    If you still think that would be reality only time will tell it. I myself think as for the knowledge of the human of the universe is concerned it is as primitive as it was thousands of years ago. Only comfort level has increased and not his real knowledge, reality being still issue of debate!

    No point debating time alone may prove- last resort.

  7. AAryan

    Nature keeps improving, so the science and the knowledge. It will never stop. Thus human will never be able to master nature 100%.
    This is why we say, “There is always room for improvement”.

  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh

    Our knowledge of the universe is now very close to complete. There are some things that we cannot yet penetrate (e.g. before the Big Bang) but plenty of theories based on the laws of nature (physics) do that.

    Re: life, that’s a complex arrangement of molecules with the property of reproduction.

    I can’t say PRECISELY when man will gain FULL knowledge of the universe. It may never happen. But it is DEFINITELY going to happen.

    Man is the ONLY intelligent being in this universe – based on all knowledge accumulated so far. There is no evidence of any other intelligent being.


  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Aaryan

    I’m not saying we’ll easily get to 100 per cent, but we are now many times the level of knowledge we had just 300 years ago. Perhaps by an order of 5000 times. In every field of inquiry, man is now pushing frontiers.

    You are probably aware of the asymptote. We can perhaps never get to the actual infinity (of knowledge) but we are now approaching it VERY RAPIDLY. The speed of approach may reduce as infinity gets closer but currently man’s knowledge is speeding up, not slowing down.


  10. Ramesh

    Let the science unveil the science (the universe) by its own time! Till that and for the time being we have to have exercise patience and approach pragmatically for want of (my position being it would be ALWAYS be so) precise/accurate/to the point remedies in every field just to sustain ourselves.

    Therefore experience (yoga, ayurveda etc), natural diet (unadultered, not hybrid, not genetically modified etc), healthy habits (not putting to much strain on eyes, backbone, neck etc) should form the core of the remedy and that there should be selective allopathic treatment (where surety is precise 100%). There won’t be nothing without a risk when it comes to the material knowledge! This is my view, experience.

  11. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh

    The approaches of “(yoga, ayurveda etc), natural diet (unadultered, not hybrid, not genetically modified etc), healthy habits” are to be commended.

    However, these approaches DO NOT offer serious solutions. For thousands of years, Indians could expect to live only 30 years, on average. That was the result of “natural” remedies, when even a mosquito could readily kill you.

    Modern science has brought even laggard India up to 64 years).

    Without science, there are very HEAVY odds that you and I would NOT be alive today.


  12. Ramesh

    Again appears that your emphasize was misplaced. There is no denial of science and its achievement, in fact everything is science.

    What I mean is that there is at present no substitute to the food. Science at the most has modified the food but it has not yet substituted it. In this transition from a food to its substitute we are neither perfect nor as per the nature. I make it out that it is this ‘imperfection’ which causes most of the problems!

    If average life has increased from 30 to 64 years it because of the science where it pin point the exact causes (relatively note!) like epidemics, vaccins, ceazerian,…,… etc. I am staunchly advocating this advancement as seen through my previous comments!

    Thus ‘serious solutions’ are those which modern science do not offer and never the ones which it cures with 100% accuracy.

    You are parhaps at mistake at my approach of ““(yoga, ayurveda etc), natural diet (unadultered, not hybrid, not genetically modified etc), healthy habits” which in fact do offer ‘serious solutions’ as they were alone which originally developed the life itself and have little to do with getting away the problem!

    Please note that my approach is more about “building the life” than “offering the solutions”. My approach is more about ‘ensuring the healthy environment” and less about solutions for ‘polluted environment’. It is science which is taking care of the later. And pending its discovery of ‘theory of everything’ it is the former which comes to rescue. And this alone is my argument. Hope this may click you and as well offer you the clue.


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