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What more proof of the corruption of Indian MPs and MLAs do you want?

I've had direct evidence of WADS OF CASH in suitcases carried by the team of Rajiv Gandhi to Assam in 1985 (Rajesh Pilot was a key member of that team), and of DIRECT CORRUPTION by Hiteswar Saikia CM of Assam on many occasions including one in which he directly asked me in the cabinet room to select a particular cement supplier.

And DIRECT evidence of corruption by Jayalalitha and Mumbai BJP.  And of course hundreds of other cases widely known – both within my IAS colleagues and elsewhere through public contacts.

And yet, when I claim that MMS is TOTALLY CORRUPT, that Sonia Gandhi is totally corrupt, and that the ENTIRE set of MPs in India is TOTALLY CORRUPT, some "intellectuals" take offence, demanding proof. 

I ONLY BELIEVE IN MYSELF. My standards of proof are EXTREMELY HIGH. No hearsay for me. My eyes are proof. My ears are proof. My judgement is proof. I have said the truth all along.

And of course even Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi have said the same thing. And they are right on this.

But if you are still not convinced and need HARD CASH as proof (as if there isn't enough evidence of that floating around), here's one more proof: EC cancels Jharkhand RS polls after Rs 2.15 cr seized.

seizure of Rs 2.15 crore cash by Income-Tax authorities from a vehicle reportedly owned by the brother of one of the Independent candidates barely hours before polls.

What more proof is needed? 

It is well understood and widely documented that the electoral system is  DEN OF CORRUPTION. India's electoral system is totally anti-people.

The reality is obvious except to those who have bound their eyes with THICK WADS OF WOOL.

I would like us to fight for state funding of elections so that honest people have AT LEAST SOME CHANCE of contesting elections.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “What more proof of the corruption of Indian MPs and MLAs do you want?
  1. khagendra

    As per the IPC indirectly controlled by the politicians, if we don’t have prove

    we can’t punish any politicians.

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