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The myth that parents don’t want to send their children to school

There are MANY cases of so-called "educated" people who claim that parents are so stupid they don't care for their children. Hence there must be compulsory education, and if a parent doesn't educate his/her child, the parent must be penalised.

Such people – who often don't have their own children – simply don't understand human nature.

Indian parents are showing such half-"educated" people the truth. 

in Patna, 65% of children go to private unaided schools while 34% attend government schools. The trend spans many states and is seen strengthening every year. Observers said private schools are perceived as providers of high-quality education, driving more parents away from government schools. [Source]

The government should REGULATE schools and fund PARENTS, never manage ANY school. It is not possible for any number of bureaucrats to manage ANYTHING, leave alone the extremely subtle and challenging task of managing a school.

As indicated in BFN, the solution is 100 per cent privatisation of all schools, and implementing school vouchers.

Also see this article: Milton & Rose Friedman's Legacy of School Reform

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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13 thoughts on “The myth that parents don’t want to send their children to school
  1. Bhagwad Jal Park

    It’s all true that “normal” people don’t commit murder willy nilly. We still have rules punishing murder though because abnormal people might still commit murder.

    The government has to have rules mandating basic care to take care of the “abnormal” parents who deny their children basic healthcare and basic literacy etc. This is common practice all over the world – even in the US the “bastion of liberty”.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Please show me ONE case that YOU know of a parent who refuses to send his child to school, RATIONALLY. That is the same as “rational suicide” that you can’t demonstrate. You do like to dance on the tip of needles, don’t you, Bhagwad. When all evidence runs out you stab at irrelevant things (murder!).

  3. Bhagwad Jal Park

    Oh – so your claim is that every single parent in the whole world in the history of modern civilization has sent their child to school?

    Let me be sure that that’s what you’re asking.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Your test of “sending a child to school” is a ridiculous test of parenthood. And your ignorance of the realities of parenthood and economy too deep to rectify without your serious study of these issues which you scrupulously avoid (e.g. at least read my phd dissertation – available online, or relevant section of BFN – but basically understand human nature).

    I’ve asked you to show me ONE person whom you know hwo doesn’t send his/her child to school, and please HUMBLY go and find out the reasons for not doing so, from that person. Then talk to me. OK? Without that, and without reading or trying to improve your understanding, you are merely wasting my time, Bhagwad.

  5. AAryan

    During my years in India (Sales and Marketing Engineer, 1994 – 2002), I was very curious to know what the kids do who lives in Juggi-jhopdis and streets. I’ve visited them and talked to the kids and enquired about their schooling (industrial cities in Gujarat, Maharashtra & Dharavi) with their parents.
    The bottom line feedback (including rag-pickers to beggars):
    1. We would be very happy to send our kids to school if the facilities are there for people like us (common statement).
    2. There are no schools where our kids can attend (rag-pickers and beggars, who are even ready to minimal fees).
    3. Currently we are sending our kids to free-night school run by NGO’s (some were closed after 3 years)
    4. We do not have papers (birth cert., address proof, etc.) to enroll our kids in day school run by Govt. org.
    5. These “bhai-log” always create problems for us (this is a shocking revelation, as their underlying interest is to convert them into goons – funded by politicians).

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Aaryan

    You are absolutely right. There are serious distortions in the Indian system of governance that need to be addressed so that ALL CHILDREN of India get access to (this is different from compulsion) to HIGH QUALITY school education. That’s a firm commitment that I have for India and should FTI agree to my proposals, then the method is also simple and clear (e.g. see BFN). But schooling can’t be looked at in isolation. The ENTIRE system must shift, simultaneously, from socialism to capitalism, freedom.


  7. AAryan

    If you pay close attention to point#5, it is pointing to the solution itself.
    Once the point#5 is taken care of then all the other points will fall in place. And this is what the voters need to to understand. The solution to this is obvious, the current system need to be replaced.

    I was reading the “Strain theory” and why India allows “Criminalization of politics”. Then I looked into Article 21 of Indian constitution, which is very vague. It seems they are protected very well irrespective of PRAs in place, to debar these goons.

  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, but will not post them since you are going around in circles and refuse to address the issue I asked you to address. Without doing that this discussion with you is closed. Sorry but unable to discuss with you further in this case without your clearly finding AT LEAST ONE CASE of such “criminal” behaviour of parents, and carefully, through personal research, determining whether it is their “criminal” behaviour (i.e. DETERMINATION to make their children illiterate, despite feeding and looking after their children on ALL other matters) or a failure of our governance system due to which we can’t provide opportunities to THEM and their children.

  9. Bhagwad Jal Park

    Sanjeev, obviously I thought my points had validity otherwise I would not have taken the trouble to post them. I also think you could have informed me that you would not be posting otherwise I would not have wasted my time trying to engage in a discussion with a person who wasn’t listening.

    I find your action very convenient. I neither abused you, nor did I indulge in any sort of uncouth behavior and name calling.

    I could also say that you’re refusing to answer my questions. I personally don’t know a murderer, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Your question and its implication is illogical.

    But never mind. If you’re just going to hide posts without mailing me at least to inform me of your intentions, I will not post here anymore.

    Thank you.

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Bhagwad I made clear I will NOT debate further. I do not have to explain what I post and what I don’t. The buck is in your court now and no further discussion can be entertained till you find at least one case. And please don’t waste MY time talking about murderers. This is PURELY about parenthood and public policy.

    I will NOT publish any more comment that does not address my question. I trust that is clear.

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