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Now, here’s something Baba Ramdev is very good at

Jack pointed me to this video (below), which contains a range of assertions about curing eye diseases, and includes recommendations about use of a range of ingredients including cow urine.

Might sound a bit odd, but the video is a pleasure to watch. Ramdev is a great communicator. He can teach a lesson or two to the very best in the world on public speaking.  

Ramdev is therefore VERY good at transmitting ancient Indian knowledge.

Whether his recommendations work or not is a different matter. 

Given the TOTAL FAILURE of modern medicine in my case, I'm inclined to try out at least a few of his remedies (excluding the cow urine based). And pranayama is always great. 

Indeed, I had already discovered (on my own initiative) some useful properties of manuka honey and lemon juice, but not in the combination he describes. I've also used triphala a bit, but not as diligently as he has recommended.

When modern medicine totally fails, people have to resort to alternative medicine. No Restasis for me yet. $600 worth of medicine can lie in my fridge for another few months.

I'm very sceptical about a cure (since I've tried honey, lemon and triphala in the past and the solution was not permanent), but given the persuasive style of the Baba, I will seriously work on his recommendations.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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