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India wants Bharat (that eats its leftovers) to be sterilised

I observed with dismay the reaction (or lack of it) to the shocking picture of poverty that I posted a few days ago, of a family in deep distress that one can't imagine how it survives.

But there was virtually no response; stunned silence. True, someone did complain on Facebook that this is something they see everyday, so what’s the big deal. Why am I wasting their time.

Well, this is the deal: that the gap between Bharat and India has now becoming unprecedented, and while I don't care about inequality, I do care DEEPLY about such extreme POVERTY in the midst of unprecedented prosperity. This is a typical sign of crony capitalism and socialist governance. Not ONE redeeming feature in the current situation. 

On the one hand we have multi-million mansions in Mumbai, the India, and on the other, we have Bharat, which lives next to garbage dump, scrummages through trash, and eats leftovers of India.

On top of all this, India wants Bharat to be sterilised. India reads these blogs, not Bharat. India has not expressed angst or disgust at forcible sterilisation of a 16 year old boy by BJP.

India complains about Bharat all the time, that Bharat is its great “population problem”.  So India wants a population policy to CONTROL Bharat.

India, of course, doesn't see itself as a "population" problem. It is only Bharat that is the problem: the slum dweller, street urchin, the Bihari who feeds his family back home with back-breaking work in our cities. These dirty scum ought to be sterilised, so the Indian feels.

I'm sure there must have been considerable astonishment (amongst India) that I actually object to the sterilisation of Bharat. That I speak for Bharat. That I believe Bharatiyas are PEOPLE. That I believe India has BADLY let down Bharat.

Our educated classes have forgotten their countrymen. They have made cosy cottages (palaces) and let the rest of India (the Bharat) rot beside the dirty drain.


(all photos by me, during the recent India trip: click these pics for larger images)

Mukesh Ambani's 27 storey house (the one behind the yellow building)

Ansal Plaza a few hundred yards behind my father's house in Palam Vihar

A snap I took at the Delhi international airport on the way back to Melbourne

And this is Bharat

(in Delhi, just before Samalkha village)

In Mumbai, on a main road not far from Mukesh Ambani's house

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “India wants Bharat (that eats its leftovers) to be sterilised
  1. Salonee Kabra

    Your article is has profound reality which is but startling. In a country where we boast about our progress, it is these sections of society which often go unnoticed. The government should at a war-footing implement measures for their reformation as they form the core of India. The capitalist policy needs to be abolished as it is simply abominable to see the elites spending around Rs.35,000 over a single meal in an exclusive hotel and the others earning only Rs.50 a day and crippling in inhumane conditions.

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