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IAS – the enemy of India

There is a word of caution I thought I'd share with those who are aspiring to join the IAS and other civil services in India – that they will effectively become ENEMIES of the Indian people. There is virtually no way to escape from that outcome.

A picture below that I shared on FB (It is a slight tweak of something I found on FB):

And now some comments I shared on FB:

We DO NOT need the IAS. It is a DISASTER. We need a merit-based contractual appointment system. The IAS is poison for India. With a modern administrative system India will do FAR better. And, of course, we need excellent politicians as well. (read

[Those who join the IAS are] the implicit SUPPORTERS of corruption and socialism.

[Those who want to join the IAS] must closely watch out for the 'system'. If you allow yourself to be co-opted and therefore serve the corrupt, you will become the enemy of the people.

Reminder: My Times of India article:

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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8 thoughts on “IAS – the enemy of India
  1. Praneeth

    Well i agree to this on most number of cases.. But at the same time i do think there are few good IAS officers… So terming all the IAS officers as enemies of India i think is a fallacy of over generalization..

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The system, Praneeth. I too was a good IAS officer. Trust me! There are HUNDREDS of good IAS officers. But good for what? That is the question.

    Do read BFN to understand the point I’m making.

  3. Ravi

    When some IAS officers gathered in Hyderabad to protest CBI ‘s faulty manner/method of investigation “they are being unnecessarily harassed and other hand,no minister is being charge sheeted ,we carried out Ministers directions/instructions.” This is erroneous statement as Constitution of India has given ample protection to them ,they have power to say no to Ministers ‘s illegal demand’s, if it is against the law and procedure.The said press conference lowered the image of prestigious civil services. This is personal opinion only .

  4. YASH

    India perhaps still needs the socialist style of centralisation but the implementing officers need to be accountable for the outcome. IAS is just one of those from the whole rotten lot (although most powerful,unaccountable and of course..protected by the constitution) .Put any person in charge , the outcome would be the same unless the post is accountable. Rightly mentiond in BFN…. our society has become corrupt beyond redemption.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yash, you can NEVER get any sensible policy in a socialist framework. Therefore the idea that a bureaucracy could be accountable under such a situation does not arise. ALL socialist societies have unaccountable leaders/bureaucrats. That is the basic definition of socialism.



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