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Seeking Sonia Gandhi’s income tax statement is such a waste of time

Being the mafia leader that she is, Sonial Gandhi has refused to let the IT department disclose her IT returns to the people.

However, this whole thing is such a puerile exercise! It is foolish in the extreme to imagine that Sonia Gandhi – the head of the criminal gang aka Congress – declares her income and assets to the government! These people have mastered the art of corruption, which includes hiding wealth in forms and shapes that will not be even found by the authorities without EXTENSIVE investigation. Her income tax returns are therefore designed to hide the truth. She probably discloses not more than 1/1,000,000th of her assets!

The reality is that even the smallest municipal election brings forth crores of rupees from the Congress coffers. There is no privacy issue here. She is probably afraid that people will marvel at the HUGE discrepancy between her true wealth and what she has disclosed to the government.  

And I know that one of my relatives, who owns what can best be called a really small scale business, has been one of the highest income tax payers in Delhi for many years now – Because why? Because he HONESTLY DISCLOSES his income. There are at least 10 lakh people wealthier than this person, in Delhi. But few of these wealthy people disclose their assets honestly. Income tax returns in India are mostly a sham. Ask Arvind Kejriwal! He will know.

Why waste time on such a useless exercise?

So what's the solution? Just work together to contest elections in a systematic way, then form national government, then ensure that all such gangsters are FULLY investigated by HONEST police officials, and put behind bars for life.

Any other way to deal with such gangsters WON'T WORK.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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