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Beware the “expert”

Extract below from an excellent short piece by Judith Sloan who is perhaps one of the greatest economics 'experts' in Australia.

Paraphrase: there was some sort of wunderkind (Eric Knight) who apparently said that we must get to the stage where we (the great unwashed masses, I guess) must devolve decision-making to the experts. 

"I THINK NOT.  If it were not for the common sense of the most of us, we would be in a real pickle.  After all, experts, including the Left’s beloved JMK were firm believers in the science of eugenics.  (They were EXPERTS.)  Knight has clearly never heard about the wisdom of crowds."

If a SINGLE message needs summarise this blog, it must be this: Beware the "expert". 


A simple example. By now I've met SIX highly trained and qualified eye specialists (five from Australia, one from India). NO TWO OF THEM AGREE on what's my problem. I've now been asked to get off restasis, which I've done. Trying two different eye drops. Also visited an Ayurvedic consultant; got two other medicines. When "experts" with up to 10 years of education after school can't even DIAGNOSE a problem, what hope from experts? In the case of my RSI, I had the same result from "experts". Ultimately, I had to find the solution by myself. Same with the eye issue, which is badly bothering me but no expert knows ANYTHING.

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