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Yet another example of “reason” without empiricism: climate “science”

People say that climate science is a SCIENCE. It is not. It is rational speculation, WITHOUT CHECKING ANYTHING AGAINST REALITY. Just like Keynesian macro-economics. There is simply no difference in these two approaches which display one common theme: TOTAL disregard for data.

The world has been in a fairly steady warming trend of 0.5°C per century since 1680 (with alternating ~30 year periods of warming and mild cooling) where as the vast bulk of all human CO2 emissions have been after 1945.

I won't say more. Just three diagrams to get the point across. You can get the full story here.

Figure above: Hansen’s predictions[6]  to the US Congress in 1988, compared to the subsequent temperatures as measured by NASA satellites[7].



Figure above: Climate model predictions[11] of ocean temperature, versus the measurements by Argo[12]. The unit of the vertical axis is 1022 Joules (about 0.01°C).

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