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Many happy returns of the day to the Republic. Let’s remember Ambedkar today.

India's Constitution has served the nation for 62 years. It is time to look back and think about its origin and future prospects.

Despite my many criticisms (particularly in BFN) of its shortcomings (most shortcomings created by socialsits like Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and the menagerie that was known as Janata Party), it is basically a robust document with considerable merit. With a few key improvements (including a total reorganisation of the Constitution's structure), the Westminster system with the first-past-the-post electoral process can serve India well for another thousand years.

All said and done, the Constitution has proven its worth.

Today it is important to remember Ambedkar's contributions to India, including as Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee.

Ambedkar is a difficult man to understand, presumably because he had to overcome the many (to most of us unimaginable) social strictures of having been born a Dalit, but from what I've been reading about him, he had a strong faith in liberty. While I'm by no means an Ambedkar expert, the following four blog posts provide hints to his greatness as a thinker and leader.

I'd like to see the Republic Day of India associated much more strongly with the memory of Ambedkar's work and message. India desperately needs his message of liberty.

Amebedkar's output was prolific. His complete works take a total of 21 volumes!

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