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I’m with Uma Bharti on opposing reservations for Muslims – but only half the way

I'm with Uma Bharti on at least one thing (although only in part):

Terming religion-based quota for Muslims as a "dirty gameplan" of the Congress to divide the nation again, firebrand BJP leader Uma Bharti said it will oppose any such move by launching a nation-wide mass movement. "The nation is on the verge of a second partition—this time an ideological partition. The BJP will not allow any such partition on the basis of religion," she told reporters. [Source]

The only difference: I'm DEAD AGAINST ALL FORMS OF RESERVATION (subject to other policies for reasonable equality of opportunity having been being put in place – which NO political party in India seems interested in).

Therefore I'd like Uma Bharti to launch a nation-wide movement to abolish ALL forms of reservation, not just for Muslims.

If Uma supports reservations for CERTAIN TYPES OF HINDUS, then she can't get worked up if some sly politicians (Congress) ALSO pass on these "benefits" to Muslims. 

If Uma opposes the principle, then I'm with her. Not just opposition to Muslim reservation. For if Hindus can get reservations, why not Muslims? Why not Christians? Why not Micky Mouse worshippers?

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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