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The world’s 10 best economics blogs

I had drafted a longish introduction to this blog post but my computer has been misbehaving recently. It restarted mideway without warning, and the draft I had prepard disappeared. Not having the capacity to rewrite, I’m cutting to the chase in my second attempt.

I’ve not read all economics blogs in the world and don’t intend to read all of them, but I do think the 10 blogs I've picked are generally compatible with my worldview. That doesn't mean I agree with everything written in these 10 blogs (except, of course, my own blog.).

I’d have liked to put my blog at the top of this list (since I agree with everything I say, which is amazing), but I’m putting it at the bottom – knowing that it doesn’t yet deserve a place even there on an objective standard. But this is my blog, so I get to advertise my wares.  

It is still early days for my blog which started only about 17 months ago. Although its PR is now fairly decent (6), it is No. 6 in the economics category in Networked blogs, and it receives a not inconsiderable number of visitors (compared to 17 months ago), it is not (yet) able to compete with economics blogs by multiple (or individual) well-known academics.

Also, my coverage of economics (or public policy more generally, including policy derived from concepts of liberty) is limited to about one third of my blog posts, with one third being about India and another third ranging across science, philosophy, religion, and anything else that strikes my fancy. So this is not a dedicated economics blog.

Regardless of questions about my blog's worthiness for inclusion in this otherwise objective list (which effectively is about the top 9 economics blogs), here’s my list of the world’s top 10 economics blogs: 

The world’s best 10 economics blogs – in no particular order
and, of course:
Please disagree with my selection if you will. Provide good reasons, though. And do suggest alternative names of blogs that you think deserve a place in this list.
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “The world’s 10 best economics blogs
  1. akshit

    what do you think of Indian female economist such as Gita Gopinath, Krishna Bhardwaj and Ila Patnaik? (Please find a little time to reply me)

    Although people like Jayati Ghosh is total fool who wants government to spend more

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sorry, I am focused on key goals: no time to comment on everyone you come across. Form your own views.

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