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Three cheers for increased liberty in India-Pakistan

Truly heart warming news from India:

“We have wasted a lot of time in acrimonious debate in the past. The time has come to write a new chapter in relations,” Dr. Singh said 

The decision to move towards a Preferential Trade Agreement with Pakistan under SAFTA that will lead to zero customs duty on all traded goods by 2016

He also said a liberalised visa regime to replace the current onerous system would be implemented soon. [Source]

Both India and Pakistan (and Bangladesh) are poised to take off into the stratosphere of prosperity IF ONLY THEIR CORRUPT LEADERS CAN INCREASE LIBERTY.

Despite MMS's deep-seated connivance in massive corruption, there's no doubt that he has learnt some basic economics over the years (he was a socialist for most of his life), and has tried to implement some reforms. 

As I say, even these corrupt people are BETTER in many ways for India than the "holier-than-thou" types who stay out of politics. 

There also now seems to be a race between BJP (e.g. Modi/ Nitesh) and Congress to liberate India's economy. Something good is going on in India. 

Is India finally breaking free of Nehru? You bet.

Do we have good leaders ready yet to join a TRULY CLASSICAL LIBERAL political movement? Don't know. If you TRULY understand good governance, please join FTI.

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5 thoughts on “Three cheers for increased liberty in India-Pakistan
  1. chaitanya

    MMS seems to be severely constrained politically to implement reforms. Just the other day, the oil companies increased petrol price by 2 rupees a liter (because it is mostly "deregulated"). Mamata Banerjee made a big political stunt by threatening to pull out of govt.
    MMS plainly said that we need to take some hard decisions (make prices reflect the costs) in long term interests, and this time he din't buckle. But next time we can bet he'll think thrice before deregulating deisel, lpg, kerosene.


  2. chaitanya

    Also, as you said, people need to understand some basic economics and co-operate with reforms. Our people are used to freebees and pampering. Everytime there's a rise in fuel price, they make a big hue and cry.
    Jailpal reddy (the petro minister) said it well the other day .. "People need to understand we can't buy petrol in Delhi mandi. we need to buy it internationally and we import 80% of our crude".

  3. sabhlok

    The reality is that Nehru started the concept of administered prices in everything, and people have gotten used to this idea.

    It requires a bold political party to say – as a policy measure – that it will never interfere in ANY price. Without such straight talk, the people of India will remain confused.


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