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Systematic liquidation of witnesses by Narendra Modi?

What explains this, that a key witness to the 2002 riots could not be protected by the Gujarat government? Modi must explain what's going on.

Godhra riot witness, Nadeem Sayyed was reportedly attacked and killed by unidentified assailaints in Ahmedabad, reports said.

Sayyed, a Congress worker, was declared 'dead on arrival' by hospital authorities. 

Sayyed was a witness to the 2002 Godhra communal violence riots that ensued after the Sabarmati Express was attacked and burnt by a mob. [Source]

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5 thoughts on “Systematic liquidation of witnesses by Narendra Modi?
  1. Sameer

    Our media is leaving no stone unturned in covering up the truth in this case. Here's what they have to say…
    "Sources close to Sayed said he was also a police informer in some cases, and his murder had some connection with the clash between the slaughter house owners and police early this week where two policemen were injured and a police jeep was torched by a mob." – India Today, ToI & Zee News (The quote is from the PTI story on the murder)

    "An RTI activist actively involved in exposing illegal slaughter houses was killed in Ahmedabad's Juhupura area today." – NDTV

    While his connection to the Naroda Patiya case is mentioned everywhere, the stories are all aimed at creating the impression that the murder was a result of his RTI activism against illegal slaughter houses. While that may be true, neither the police nor the media have any reason to believe that side more than the other.

  2. admin

    Thanks, Sameer

    This is good information, and throws open the question once again – but if this person was a key witness to the 2002 riots, he should have received special protection.


  3. Supratim

    What was truly shocking about this murder is that Nadeem Sayed had official police protection – when he was killed (Stabbed 25 times, just in case, I guess, he escaped being stabbed 5 or 10times), his police guards (2) were nowhere in the picture. To date, the Gujarat Govt has not explained where his police guards disappeared and why and what action will be taken against them.
    And, this is the state praised by (crony) industrialists like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Dilip Sanghvi.
    Law and order is breaking down at a furious pace across parts of Western and Southern India – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala – while the east reforms.
    You might have also missed the links of the case where Maharashtra ATC jailed some 12 muslim youth and kept them without bail for the past FOUR years, only to be FORCED to free them by the Mumbai High Court, as a confession by Asseman and cleared them on the Malegaon blasts. FOUR YEARS of your life robbed by a corrupt and inefficient state.
    I lose faith in the Republic of India every day that I observe it.


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