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Pakistanis doing the “RSS special”. Can we all please grow up?

BJP/RSS is fond of fiddling with textbooks (particularly history books), largely with the implicit aim of increasing communal hatred among Hindus towards Muslims. Pakistan, too, has been altering textbooks to inflame Muslims sentiments against Hindus. Indeed, Pakistan text books blatantly write about Hindus "as enemies of Islam".

"Although an unbiased review of history would show that Hindus and Muslims enjoyed centuries of harmonious co-existence, Hindus are repeatedly described as extremists and eternal enemies of Islam.

Hindu culture and society are portrayed as unjust and cruel, while Islam is portrayed as just and peaceful," USCIRF said in its report.

Pakistan's public schools and privately-run madrassas are not teaching tolerance but are exacerbating religious differences.

I must add that while I was in Los Angeles, my father was invited by a Muslim scholar who teaches comparative religion in one of the minor universities there, to talk about Hinduism. I attended the talk in which the students were first introduced to Hinduism through a totally biased and distorted video. Thereafter my father spoke and largely clarified the meaning of Hinduism and its philosophy. There is a tendency among many people to look very critically at superficial aspects of Hinduism. I'm afraid that approach doesn't do its philosophy justice.

Fortunately, there are people like the former Acting Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court Mr. Mohd Ramde Khalilee who met my father some years ago and expressed considerable interest in the Vedas, particularly since these had originated largely in the area that is now in Pakistan. [Source

Mixing politics with the teaching of history – to distort the rich history of the sub-continent – is deplorable. 

There are both good and bad points in each religion, and in each nation's history. And no doubt there will be different opinions about what happened in the past. The famous story of Shivaji and Afzal Khan is a classic example. Some think that Shivaji was a "hero". Others perhaps think he was a terrorist.

But history books should not make VALUE JUDGEMENTS about such events, merely record them.

Teachers must explain that what Shivaji (or Afzal Khan) did does not matter today, in our life. They must emphasise that this incident occurred a LONG time ago, well before India (or Pakistan) became independent. What matters is what we choose to do with our life. Students need to be taught that they as INDIVIDUALS are responsible for their own actions. And merely because something happened in the past doesn't mean it should prompt any "response" from us today. 

Without such wisdom being imparted, the cycle of hatred and vengeance in the sub-continent will continue. 

The way out is for both the Islamic and Hindu fanatics to revert to the PHILOSOPHY of their religion, and aim for the good of all mankind.

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11 thoughts on “Pakistanis doing the “RSS special”. Can we all please grow up?
  1. Sudeep Shetty

    Hi Sanjeev  
    Its too much as you are comparing RSS with Pakistani , You Talk about Fiddling with the History book , Could you please enlarge it , What do you mean by Fiddling , Showing Truth Means fiddling or Showing Beauty is Fiddling , Which one we need to Opt in Truth and Beauty , 

    In the name of Communal harmony and National Integrity Only Showing Beauty ( That too not truth ,by their own assumption and own fiction creating their own story and teaching the young Minds wrong histroy ) Thats called fiddling , Showing the truth Never called fiddling ,Its everyone rights to know the Real history of their land and their Ancestors So that Mistakes and bad thing What their Ancestors Did Should not be repeated by us ,  Its your Total Wrong Assumption , i Think if i ask you you will tell we must Glorify British too by showing only Beauty and Hiding the truth , 

    Why Elders teach us We must Tell truth when there is no guts to listen truth , And About Pakistanis I can petty on them , Because they did Wrong in all means , as they dont have any option other than telling lie ,You Know Wherever Muslim Ruled  they Converted that Place  to Muslim ( they gone to Middle East They Converted ) the only Place they Failed That India , The Reason is Heroic Efforts of Shivaji ( in Middle of india) Vijayanagar Samrajya ( In South India ) Hemu (in North India )and others whose name is never Mentioned in our histroy book ,our Histroy Book Only  glorify our Muslim King by hiding the truth and Glorifying the beauty , Did our Histroy book tells What happnd to Shivaji Son , How brave he is How he got killed , But we never forget to mention every Muslim king Who Raped India one by one , and Falsely glorifying them 

    I absolutely not Agree on Your comments on comparing RSS with PAK , As They are easy Target to any one ( as like u people assume One more Dark spot in leapard it wont mind ) , I know The Way of RSS is totally Wrong that doent mean that you can tell Whatever you Want , Thats Simply Not Done .

    between  Truth and Beauty we always Go for truth not on Beauty , we can only Build our relationship on truth not on Faslified fiddled history or Wrongly Glorified Beauty ,
    ARDHA SATYA Always Misused , SATYA cant be misused .


  2. sabhlok

    Dear Sudeep

    I’m NOT against the truth being studied. Indeed, I’ve always asked academics to study the truth. But in history itself there are 100 debates about what is the truth. So what we need to teach is the TRUTH, AND the debates about the truth.

    The BJP/RSS is a classic ENEMY of the truth. Its people have literally hounded a professor of history of Delhi university, forcing him to publish his book “The Myth of the Holy Cow” outside India. They have beaten up a professor in Delhi university. They have FORCED the Delhi university to pull back an essay that talks about multiple Ramayanas. And wherever the BJP have ruled, the first thing they have done is to meddle with textbooks.

    The BJP /RSS have a particular view about history — pretty much like what you’ve said “You Know Wherever Muslim Ruled they Converted that Place to Muslim”. This is the interesting point where there is HUGE academic discourse and disagreement about many events, and how this conversion occurred. So what is needed is a discussion about these DIFFERENCES of opinion, rather than a blank statement of the sort you’ve just made.

    The other problem is that BJP/RSS are determined to impose a monoculture of Hinduism which removes all references to its massive diversity.

    Once again, by all means let the truth be known (and it should be known) but DO NOT DRAW IMPLICATIONS for today and DO NOT OBFUSCATE the academic debates and simplify.


    Let me add that I’m a votary of satyameva jayate. BJP/RSS are constantly HIDING or DISTORTING the truth. That’s the key issue I’m referring to.

  3. Sudeep Shetty

    Hi Sanjeev 
    You are claiming One incident That BJP RSS is not willing to accept the truth , OK , So you need to Criticize them By telling They are not accepting the truth in This case , and shouldnt Tell they are the fiddlers in History Book . 
    Let Me describe one by One 
    In My School Days i have Read History that Muslim Invaders ( Gajni Gori Etc etc) use to attack India To loot , and those days Raja Use to kept all His Sampatti in Temple So they Use to Attack on temples and demolish it 
    Now Its been Changed and My little cousin read like this , As those days Whenever Raja Attacks on Others He use to Demolish the Temples ( I must Mention They Include Hindu king too ) so all the Musilm Invaders are doing the same as Indian Rajas are doing 
    Is indian Rajas are fool Who is keeping their Sampatti in Temples , or A hindu rajas are Maniac to demolish Hindu temple , this is called Fiddling with History , you need to rasie voice here .
    You are telling one instance where BJP banned a book , I can give you hundreds of example Where Congress Banned book in the name of national interest and communal harmony .
    Now History books tells Rani Lakshmi bhai had an affair with British , Tilak and Lajpath roy are Terrorist , And Nehru is a Hero 
    Why truth has been Hiding and Fiddling Why you are not rasing Voice here , I dont Mind With how many girls nehru has Slept ( thats his totally Personal Life ) But its my right  to know How he Sell india To Britisher for his Hungry for Power 
    Lets Go back to Muslim Conversion , India Muslim Differentiate is mention in Long back in Auranajeb time ( you can read in his SHAHINAAMA) you will agree on me that those days there is NO BJP and RSS is there , We both are fighting since 1680 its not Happnd after BJP and RSS established , so stop Blaming on them , Muslim have always problem with NON Muslimeres , they always Demanded For seperate Law Seperate land you cant deny on this 

    As you can see What happnd in Kasmeer , When Muslims Thrown out the Hindus from thier place ( unfortunately no one is ready to rasie voice and all intellectuals of india is supporting the same )They Demolished more than 125 temples of Hindu , You cant deny the fact that Muslims always having Problem with Non Muslims , But there is no point in Cribbing .. 
    I wil give One more Example , Recently Girsh karnad ( Great Intellectual of india) Wrote a Book Named " dreams of Tippu Sulthan , He Glorified Tippu and Portrayed as a 2nd Puroshttam RAMA , So Karnataka Govt Decided to give one Award for tippu , Later in 2008 The Writer Named SL Byrappa Wrote a Book Named " AVARANA" Which tells What is tipu and his True character , How Hindu People Suffered in Muslim time What they have Done and How many temples the have demolished , After Reading this karnataka Govt Taken back the tittle because it has to belive Byrappa as becuase the Proof he is providing for his writing , But Karnad Got Award for his writing but Byrappa has been denied for award called him  has religious Fanatic ( as you called same  many who talks Truth )
    So tell What is Fiddling , 
    The reason for giving these examples is I want to Know Why your Language , your body language is not the same When your Writing about others , Why you are not telling anything to Congress , Why there is so much of Double Standard , Statement must be Unbias shouldnot be in on way . 
    I have read your comments on Shantanu blog on Max Muller and Correcting histroy , as you ask Shantanu to reaserch About Author more as you thinks he may be wrong , In your view If a Hindu talks in favour Of Hinduism or hindu people or a truth Which favours hindu then he is Fundamentalist or religious Fanatic , You Talks Same like burka Dutt and Aurundati Roy ( Bias and Duoble Standard ) 
    Iam Attching one link Read this , If Same thing has told by any Indian ( that too hindu ) you will say its RSS Propaganda , if its tell by any XYZ foreigner so no problem in accepting 

  4. sabhlok

    Dear Sudeep

    By no means am I justifying Congress! But BJP and RSS take the cake for bullying academics. And no, I don’t generalise from one case (“You are claiming One incident That BJP RSS is not willing to accept the truth”).

    Re: the specific examples you’ve given, I’d like to see the book which says that ” As those days Whenever Raja Attacks on Others He use to Demolish the Temples ( I must Mention They Include Hindu king too ) so all the Musilm Invaders are doing the same as Indian Rajas are doing “. That would be news. I’ve never heard of such books. Maybe you should go to a newspaper with this info.

    Re: the various controversies in history, I’m not really an expert nor do I care. All I care for is that there be freedom to publish one’s findings. Let the academicians decide history, not politicians.


  5. Sunil

    Sanjeev, I wonder if you have read Jadunath Sarkar's "Shivaji & his times" regarding the incident involving Afzal Khan & Shivaji. (Just FYI, he mentions muslim sources too regarding this incident). I guess Jadunath Sarkar was hindu fanatic or BJP/RSS person. 
    Why do you want to deny RSS the same freedoms which you want everyone to have? Freedom to express their opinion/truth about historical incidents. Equating taliban ideology to RSS is indeed a bit of stretch of imagination. There are certain good things these folks have done though i stand with you in opposing  their socialist & swadeshi economics.

  6. sabhlok

    Sunil, I’m afraid I’ve not read Sarka’s work.

    The point I’m making is simple: LET TRAINED ACADEMICS write our textbooks, and let children be taught to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. The bamboozling of particular communal views down the throats of children, or driving away ideas that they are opposed to is NOT HINDU. Hindu is a tolerant and open-ended religion that allows the TRUTH to win.

    RSS/BJP have a Hindu political agenda. That’s why they are pretty close to the Taliban in their worldview. And their actions – of BASHING UP professors (apart from breaking buildings and killing Muslims randomly – such as locking them up in rooms and burning women and children alive) – are merely a confirmation of their collectivist fascist approach.

  7. Tilopa

    Sanjeev,i can't agree more with you on this topic.
    You are perfectly right that individual is more important and thinking for oneself is what is needed which certainly is rare in india.
    I think sufficient knowledge of what happened in the the past is ok but getting obsessed by it is stupidity.

  8. Sunil

    Sanjeev, unfortunately in India "TRAINED ACADEMICS" of history have a monopoly over what they want to teach to kids and that does NOT include "THINKING FOR THEMSELVES". This is similar to the monopoly of Keynesian/socialist economists in Indian policy makers & bureaucracy. And they exercise this monopoly for mutual back scratching and hit(spit) & run tactics to discredit other historians. Jadunath Sarkar, BB Lal, Michel Danino, SR Rao, David Frawley are some of the historians who are eliminated or discredited through this machinery. Let us take a hypothetical example, if there is a question in my history exam "explain aryan invasion/migration theory" do you think i'll pass the exam if i write its bunkum and a theory created by europeans to further their imperial objectives?? History & Economics are two humanities that are deep impact on identity and progress of a country and so naturally (Indian) politicians try to have much control/censorship over these. Also just because you are an expert in economics does not mean your views on history & religion are correct (though i defend your rights to articulate them, no matter how absurd they are).
    I object to your statement –  "some think that Shivaji was a hero. Others perhaps think he was a terrorist." Some proof please or read Jadunath Sarkar's book i mentioned earlier (free @ google books)
    "BJP/RSS is fond of fiddling with textbooks (particularly history books), largely with the implicit aim of increasing communal hatred among Hindus towards Muslims. " Objection your honor – speculation & prejudice, or please provide some proof

  9. Sameer

    Its a tad unfortunate that this discussion has snowballed into another Congress-BJP slinging match. Why can't we steer such discussions towards "what can be" instead of wallowing around in diverse viewpoints on "what has been" & "what is"? Whenever some party works towards furthering its agenda (communal, casteist or whatever) through education, its undesirable. Whether the Congress or BJP/RSS is doing it is besides the point and serves no purpose other than trivialising this important issue.
    I see a whole lot of merit in Sanjeev's assertion that trained academics should write our books & children should be allowed to think for themselves. We just need to come out of our misgivings with the past & current manifestation of vested interests in our education system. Our education has become so straitjacketed that it is impossible for it to create anything more than robots. And its not just with history. I failed in maths in my +2 board exams because of this straitjacketing. I had studied in CBSE all the way to my X boards and then shifted to the Gujarat board for the next two years. In the IX & X standard, I had learnt trigonometry as a science built around right angled triangles. In Gujarat, its taught using the unit circle as its base. I answered my paper using the right angled triangle postulates & I got a 0 in spite of having proved all the theorems correctly. Reason : I hadn't proved them as stated in the textbook. That one incident left me disillusioned for life & the emotional scars (I had never scored less than 80% till my X and failing was an alien concept) took forever to heal.
    Ideally, children should be exposed not just to what's popularly accepted but also alternate theories of some merit that have been propounded. Critical thinking should be built into the education system by making the student go beyond the classroom & the textbook. The examination & scoring should wean away from objective type scorefests & move towards subjective, reasoning-driven & holistic methods.
    I've encapsulated my thoughts on present day education in this humble poem.


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