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Indiais – what? Well, here’s your chance to win $4000 and many other prizes

The Public Diplomacy Division of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is hosting a global video challenge around the concept India is. 

They’ve written to me (as I’m sure they have written to thousands of other bloggers) to help spread the message. [That's a positive sign in the first place – that the bureaucrats of India are beginning to think about the citizensphere].

Sure, I'm happy to do my mite for the government of India.

I think also that this is a good idea – to get people across the world to tell us about their perception and experiences of India.
You can submit your video on the Indiais website anytime between 1st of October 2011 – 31st December 2011.
I trust that not just positive but even not-so-positive views (such as about India's shoddy infrastructure and toilets, experiences with India's red tape and corrupt politicians who demand money deposits in Swiss banks before they will hold meetings with foreign investors, etc.) will be aired. We need to hear the unadulterated TRUTH about how India is perceived by the world. There is nothing as cleansing as HONEST FEEDBACK.
I look forward to the results of this competition. 
Prizes include:
• 1 Grand Prize Winner = US$ 4,000
This will be the video with simply the most number of votes irrespective of it's category
• An all Expense Paid Trip to Incredible India*
The best foreign entry will stand the chance to win an all expense paid trip to explore Incredible India
• 1 Best Entry Prize per Category (3 in total) = US$ 2,500
These videos will be the ones with the highest number of votes in each category (excluding the Grand prize winner)
• 1 Jury's Choice Award = US$ 2,000
The Jury members will select 1 video that they feel best encapsulated the concept and meaning of the 'India Is' Global Video Challenge
• 1 Special Mention Award = US$ 2,000
This prize will be awarded by the Organizers of the video challenge and will be left up to the discretion of the organizing body.
More details are available at the Indiais website:
I’m extracting the entire FAQ below, to start you off:
Who is the Video Challenge open to?
The video challenge is open to the entire world and not restricted to any particular region or countries.
How do I enter?
Entry is free and if eligible, participants can enter the competition by:
1) Creating an original video short on any of the themes of India Is
2) Filling out a brief registration form (name, age, region, title etc.)
3) Uploading your entry to the video challenge website (

Submit your entry HERE

Do I have to submit a video for all three themes?
You only have to choose ONE of the three themes to capture in your video. You may choose to submit up to 3 videos, each capturing a different theme.
Must I use a particular camera type only?
You may submit videos captured from ANY digital or film cameras or even mobile phones.
Can I submit videos taken outside of India?
You may submit videos captured in other parts of the world.
What format and size should my videos be?
Videos must be submitted to You Tube or Vimeo. The videos should have a native aspect ratio without letterboxing of 4:3 (recommended), 16:9. If your video is shortlisted and entered in to the final round of judging you will be required to submit the high resolution version of the video within 7 days.
What are the key dates of the competition?
• Competition Open for Entries – 1st October 2011
• Competition Closed for Entries – 31st December 2011
• Announcements of Finalists selected by Organizers and Jury – 11th January 2012
• Finalist videos open to the public for voting – 11th January 2012
• Voting for public closes – 29th February 2012
• Prize Winners Announced – 7th March 2012
What are the grand prizes available to the selected winners?
• An all Expense Paid Trip to Incredible India* 
• 1 Grand Prize Winner = US$ 4,000
• 1 Best Entry Prize per Category (3 in total) = US$ 2,500
• 1 Jury's Choice Award = US$ 2,000
• 1 Special Mention Award = US$ 2,000
How are the winners selected?
Submit Video > Accepted as Eligible entry + Showcased on website > Jury shortlists Finalists > Public Vote(s) to select the winning videos > Winners Announced
  1. SUBMIT VIDEO: You must first submit your video on the website after agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions. In order to submit your video, follow the instructions after clicking submit and simply provide us with the link to your video on YouTube or Vimeo.

    You can submit your video on the website anytime between 1st of October 2011 – 31st December 2011.

  1. Once the jury has screened your short film it will either be ACCEPTED OR REJECTED depending on whether it adheres to all the Rules of the competition. This is why we strongly recommend you go through the Rules section very closely. The videos that are accepted will be showcased in the entries section of the website. Videos once rejected may not be replaced with another video.
  2. Our Jury members will SHORTLIST 20-30 FINALISTS based on the Judging Criteria set forth. All participants should be aware of these criteria. The Finalists will be announced on 11th January 2012 on the competition website.
  1. The Finalist videos will be up on the Entries>Finalists 2011 section of the website. They will face the challenge of winning the support of the public throughVOTES to make their short film prize worthy. You can and should urge your friends and peers to support your short film by casting their votes!
    Some awards are not dependent on Public Votes. To know more about the different types of awards, please click here.
    The Public Voting will begin on 11th January 2012 and continue on till 29th February 2012.
  1. The Prize Winners will be announced on 7th March 2012 on the competition website.
What about the copyrights of my videos?
The copyrights of all video entries submitted to the competition, including the winning entries will remain with the filmmaker. The organizing entities reserve the right to freely reproduce and exhibit all entered videos in all media, as per the discretion of the organizers. Don't forget to read the General Terms and Conditionsbefore you create and upload your winning film.
What may cause my disqualification?
All entries must meet the following criteria or they risk disqualification:
  • Every submission must be a single work of original material taken by the entrant. Any discrepancy in the entrant's particulars may result in disqualification from the competition, at the sole discretion of the organizer.
  • Digital video manipulation is allowed, to optimize an image, but adding or removing key elements of the composition is not allowed.
  • Composite or montage videos, from more than one original image, are not eligible. Entrants of prize-winning videos may be required to produce the original video before the final prize is given.
  • Videos may not contain defamatory, obscene, provocative, sexually explicit, objectionable or inappropriate content, at the sole discretion of the organizer.
  • The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all the material entered. It is the legal responsibility of the entrant, and not the organizers, to ensure that they comply with these ownership and copyright requirements and own the rights to the reproduction of their content.
  • The organizers are not responsible for lost, interrupted or unavailable network server or other connections, miscommunications, failed telephone or computer or telephone transmissions or technical failure, jumbled, scrambled or misdirected transmissions, or other error of any kind whether human, mechanical or electronic.
  • Entrants discovered to tamper with or abuse any aspect of this Video Challenge, as determined by the organizers, will be disqualified.
  • Should any part of this Video Challenge be compromised by virus, bugs, non-authorized human intervention or other causes beyond the control of the organizers, which, in the sole opinion of the organizers, corrupts, or impairs the administration, security, fairness or proper entry into the Contest, the organizers reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the competition.
  • The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry that it feels was placed due to tampering, abuse or fraud at any point in the competition.

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