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IDIOT Ghulam Nabi Azad condemns little Nargis. Don’t bother about donkeys like him, Nargis!

It was with SHOCK AND HORROR that I read that "Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said the Centre had no plans to mark the birth [of  Nargis, manikind's seven billionth child]. "What's there to celebrate? We'll celebrate when population stops growing," he told HT." [Source].

What a crass IDIOT.

India's problem has NEVER been its population but THE STUPID ASSES LIKE AZAD who operate a socialist economy that destroys the opportunities that our Nargiss might have had.


Welcome abroad, Nargis. Nargis's parents Vinita and Ajay are proud of her, and so are we all.

We are seven billion strong, and doing BETTER with each passing year. If only these Azads could somehow be made to jump into a well (or change their policy stance).

Nargis, India's symbolic seven billionth baby born at 7.20 a.m., with her mother Vinita (23), wife of Ajay Kumar Yadav at the Community Health Centre in Mall, Lucknow, on Monday. Photo: Subir Roy [Source]


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12 thoughts on “IDIOT Ghulam Nabi Azad condemns little Nargis. Don’t bother about donkeys like him, Nargis!
  1. tilopa

    Sanjeev,I occasionaly read your blog but i am very much impressed but this post makes me a little disappointed.
    Just because someone is a socialist doesn't mean what he says is wrong!
    You are getting biased here and Azad really said what  was right it is not that socialism is good but so many peoples are really going to create lot's of problem.India is becoming  a home of 'roaches'.Sorry,for the harsh truth.
    People what eventually don't understand that population is the MAIN REASON for corruption!
    More peoples means more demands,and when those demands can't be fulfilled that creates a perfect ground for corruption because now people will bribe and do all sorts of things to get their needs fulfilled.
    There is also a psychological effect of overpopulation,every human being needs living space and when that is not provided then that leads to malaise in peoples.
    Instead of getting biased and seeing the world 'with the goggles' of capitalism please see the truth even if it comes from unfavorable sources.

  2. admin


    Do read BFN where I discuss population at some length. Azad is TOTALLY wrong on this issue (and so are you, unfortunately). What appears to be the case on the surface is not the reality.

    Population is an asset, indeed the ONLY asset any country has. Everything else is just junk.

    What is needed is freedom and this population will flourish. What we have is socialism and statism which destroys our people’s potential.

    This is counter-intuitive and requires very significant understanding of population dynamics and human behaviour. I’m afraid I can’t say more since I’ve written extensively elsewhere. Do read more. When you understand a “Eureka” moment might occur in your mind.


  3. Sameer

    Sanjeev : I would tend to agree with Tilopa on her disappointment, though my reasons for the disappointment are different. And I'm not even touching the issue of population here. My issue is somewhat more fundamental.
    When you tell Azad that he's not needed & he should commit suicide for airing his views, the language sounds revolting and very unbecoming of a votary of freedom. Like everyone else, Azad too should be free to air his views. Moreover, all he has said is that there's no reason to celebrate. That in no way implies that Nargis is undesirable. And I agree, why should the government celebrate Nargis' birth?
    My humble 2 cents – If we have strong convictions and self-belief, we should not stoop down to abusing someone and making personal attacks on them. Let's systematically attack their policy and expose them for what they stand for. Exposing someone for what they are is a very ineffective strategy, IMO.

  4. sabhlok

    Dear Sameer

    I’ve ALWAYS said this simple thing: that if you think population is a problem then FIX it by reducing ONE person – yourself. That’s called rational suicide and I won’t mind it. Unfortunately people want OTHERS to reduce their children and cut down THEIR families. That’s the problem.

    This is not about Azad. I’ve said so in even stronger terms in a number of other places and will continue to say so. If you don’t value OTHER’S human life then please FIRST demonstrate by taking your own. I do not condone suicide, but if you are doing it because you strongly oppose OTHER people’s existence, then why should THEY reduce their families? YOU should do so.

    I know this sounds a bit drastic, and sounds like a personal attack. Indeed it is – on the bad logic of the socialists. It is aimed to shock and confuse the socialist enemy who is used to pointing fingers at others (people who have children) instead of themselves. You’ll need to read BFN and DOF and other sources to understand what I’m saying.

    And human life is lovely and to be honoured. Why, if the government can celebrate every Tom Dick Harry event, could they not celebrate (at least in a plain statement of congratulation) this event? I know is it merely notional (the 7 billionth child), but the language used by Azad was revolting – as if Nargis was unwelcome in India.

    Nargis is welcome. Azad is not. That’s what I’m saying.

  5. tilopa

    When government celebrates about some event then that means it is supporting that act.
    Currently India is unable to use effectively it's large work force and still you are expecting some more millions to be added  in this madhouse?See the facts,daydreaming can be destructive!
    There are many methods by which population can be controlled.SUICIDE is not the only option.
    Government should give free education and free food to certain number of children in family  but if the child limit is crossed it should stop taking their care.It should also fine the families who produce more children. This will certainly check the population in low strata of society where most of population comes from.
    Most of the increase in population is by peoples who don't have enough to eat.The middle and higher class people keep at an average 2 children in big cities but the lower class of peoples produce more.So what we are getting is more malnourished,retarded and incompetent peoples.Yes,those are merciless words but it is also the fact.
    Secondly ,i think that in a better society with better governance not everybody should be allowed to have children but science  should decide which is the right gene combination and later inseminate it in the mother.But i think this kind of method is very futuristic for a backward and conservative country like india.But if this is implemented this would lead to more saner society.
    Vote bank politics and lack of responsibility in Indian peoples is the cause of such a large population which will soon become the world's largest.
    I don't think 20 years from now when i am settled and i want a beautiful dream house,in non-polluted atmosphere and having beautiful natural  scenery around ,is going to possible in India.For that i will have to migrate to either US,Europe or Australia .
    I know sitting there in Australia you can analyze Indian policies and point out how easy it is to change it.But it is not so simple here my friend.It is the mentality of the Indians which resist change.Otherwise we would have  already been  a superpower!

  6. sabhlok

    Dear Tilopa

    Let me say only this. I agree with you when you say, “It is the mentality of the Indians which resist change”.

    In this case it is YOU who are the guilty party. You REFUSE to learn anything new. You are insisting on giving me arguments that have been REFUTED TOTALLY and ENTIRELY till not even a fool can suggest that population is a problem.

    Unfortunately, in India there are plenty of people who “RESIST CHANGE”. And refuse to learn even the basics of demography.

    I can only suggest that you read BFN and DOF. Then and only then can you begin to understand that YOU are the problem here, not little, smiling, angelic Nargis.

  7. tilopa

    I am sorry but i can't reply you by using concepts from economics and the usual jargon.You can theorize a lot like how we should use the workforce,etc,etc
    But what i am sure about is simple law of nature.If you are going to bring more beings you are creating lots of overheads!
    India should lean from china about birthcontrol.
    (I know you are not going to agree with me as usual and will prescribe for the BFN and other texts but forget about theorizing,be practical.I support capitalism because it is natural,it is the natural outcome of feudalism and if capitalism is allowed to grow it will change into socialism later.But only if it evolves itself not forced.Capitalism also ensures freedom so i support it,all the philosiphising of capitalism is meant for economists and specialists in this field.This is just common sense and understanding of the natures functioning that capitalism should be allowed.
    The same logic applies to population,if you are gonna produce like goats then get ready for the overheads.)

  8. sabhlok


    As usual, the “educated” Indians like you WHO NEVER READ NOR UNDERSTAND NOR CARE TO THINK SERIOUSLY brush aside THEORY TESTED WITH EXTENSIVE EVIDENCE as “theorising”.

    I know it is going to be very hard for you to think, Tilopa, but for your sake I’ve published three blog posts which SIMPLIFY things.

    If, after all this you still don’t want to understand, then so be it. India is ILL SERVED by improperly “educated” people like you. That’s all I can say. This is a reflection on the sorry state of education in India, not your fault. Your ignorance but more importantly your INABILITY to learn, is all due to the rotten education system of India.


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