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I always said that BJP are fake Hindus. Now there’s CLEAR proof.

The BJP President, Gadkari, has said:  "I don't go the temple. I don't perform puja," According to him, "Hinduism is a way of life. It is not about a religion".

That means you don't need to understand the Vedanta, don't need to understand Vedic metaphysics, but just because you claim to be a "Hindu" you can become one. 

True, the Vedanta does not require anyone to go to temple or perform puja, but Hinduism is NOT such a meaningless concept as Gadkari seems to think. And I doubt if he has the slightest clue about the Vedanta or the Vedas.

I do know only this by now, that when it suits these people, they make the most ghastly aggressive claims about Hinduism – such as the ones that Golwalkar made, or the actions of Advani the nautanki, dressed up as Ram, going about India in a "chariot", leading to the demolition of the Babri Masjid and mass-killing of thousands of people across India.

And when it comes to banning books, these BJP types are the first to block liberty (including the alleged free market supporter – Modi). These were the people who forced Jha to publish his book Myth of the Holy Cow outside India. And till today there is NOT ONE SERIOUS BOOK that refutes the evidence that Jha has provided. These are the people who forced Deepa Mehta to film Water in Sri Lanka. And these are the people (ABVP, the BJP's youth branch) who beat up a professor in Delhi and stopped all discussion about the Ramayana in Delhi university.

I won't go into more detail, but it is increasingly clear that BJP is driven by a weird concept of Hindutva that has NOTHING to do with Hinduism. Gadkari says that Hindutva "is a debatable subject." I don't knwo what it is. All I know is that it has nothing to do with Hinduism but everything to do with aggressive jingoism clothed as Hinduism.

No matter which eminent writer of Hinduism I read, I'm unable to find anything that would justify the FOOLISH HALF-BAKED AGGRESSIVE INTOLERANT ACTIONS of BJP.

Hence I have long concluded that BJP leaders are FAKE Hindus, and are using the PRETENSE of Hinduism to fool millions of Indians.

Many BJP leaders are pure goondas; most are at least pure opportunitists.

But no one can fool everyone all the time. That's why BJP's attempts to fool India are doomed.


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10 thoughts on “I always said that BJP are fake Hindus. Now there’s CLEAR proof.
  1. radhakrishna

    HA HA HA HA..BJP has come out from the HINDUVTA campaign , i mean their FUNDAMENTAL thing…after they were given a chance to rule..and this gadkari is a buffoon.. SHAME ON BRAHMAN (i myself is that) that he is doing a slavery of someone instead of asking them to get correct…no wonder, BJP is really a party of clowns

  2. Niraj

    Well actually this is a positive development. Now that they have publicly accepted that most of them are not religious, it will help rid India of aggressive hindutva (but aggressive Islamism is a different matter altogether). It will reposition BJP away from such issues and squarely into genuine economics/politics. They may be fake hindus, but by admitting it they are turning into a genuine political party. I welcome that.

    I am very much positively disposed towards such a BJP. Today, I turn towards BJP by default (no other half decent option) …of this new BJP, I would be a happy and enthusiastic supporter.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Be aware that Hitler was a semi-Christian as well -largely a fake one. BJP/RSS are strongly fascist and many of their follwowers are determined to violently eject the Muslims. Just because they are fake HIndus doesn’t mean their ideology is less dangerous. In fact, it is more dangerous precisely because of that.

  4. Lakshmi

    Well I support bjp because of modi. He is like one big hope for india, and people including me are expecting miracles from him. That said, i will be shocked to find someone forcefully ejecting Muslims from this country. They have the same rights as anyone else. Same is the case when some bjp supporters claim that hindustan is for hindus or when deliver rhetoric about reservation by making the sc’s ‘them’ and the non- sc’s ‘us’. I am just hoping that Modi being an OBCl and an intelligent person will be sensitive towards these issues. I am also hoping that Modi has learned a mighty big lesson from the gujrat riots and is therefore the best person who can be trusted to avert such conflicts in future


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