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Would those jealous of Steve Jobs please stand up?

Everyone loves a genius who creates wonders out of nothing. Steve Jobs was one of them (regardless of the way it is alleged he treated some people).

Genius is what mankind is all about. Without Edison, Darwin, Einstein and Jobs, mankind would be a pathetic, dull, poor and ignorant species.

Just like any other animal.

It is people like Jobs who make us DIFFERENT. We are a vitally alive, dreaming, relentlessly struggling species. We overcome life itself with our dreams and efforts.

God himself would look up to this species, one day – such are we, the humans.

Now, don't forget my key message. The system of social organisation that ENCOURAGES geniuses is known as capitalism.

No one provided welfare or charity to Steve Jobs. No foreign aid to USA.

The people of USA (and the world) paid for Steve's services through high priced products. Jobs never under-sold himself. He ALWAYS demanded to be paid what he was worth.

By the end of his regrettably very short life (he was a little less than five years older than me), Steve had created an astonishing amount of wealth for mankind. He had not only become enormously wealthy, he  made millions of others super-wealthy as well. More importantly, he made millions of us more productive.

What he received in return for his output was a TINY FRACTION of what he produced.

With Steve's passing away, a major pillar of the modern IT revolution has passed. Would the world's socialists please stand up to be counted now?

Which socialist is jealous of Steve Jobs?

Which socialist would like to have taxed Steve Jobs into poverty?

Let me know your name so you can be shamed publicly as the lowest scum of this earth.

Socialism promotes ENVY. Capitalism promotes PASSION AND SUCCESS.


Let there be 1 billion Steve Jobs in India. That is my dream. And let there be PERMANENT AND NEVER-ENDING death to all socialist ideas.

Don't forget. Mankind is ALL about genius, about dreams, about passion.


 Steve Jobs’s estate is estimated to be something between $6 billion and $7 billion. About 2/3 of that is Disney stock he received when Disney acquired Pixar. The rest if Apple stock. This is clearly a fractiOKon, maybe a small fraction of the wealth Jobs created for the rest of us.Yes, he made a lot of money. But he made it by making the rest of us better off. He didn’t take it from us. He shared it with us. [Source]

AlsoJobs & Steve Jobs: Lessons prez has yet to learn


As we consider life in America without Steve Jobs, we might also consider just how his staggering career represents a refutation of the economic philosophy of Barack Obama.

The president believes, as he said in his speech to a joint session of Congress last month, that American greatness can best be found in collective action.

While acknowledging the roles played by “rugged individualists” and “entrepreneurs,” he reserved his enthusiasm for grand projects under the aegis of government — roads, bridges, dams, airports and taxpayer dollars assigned by the Defense Department to a project that grew unexpectedly into the Internet.

“No single individual built America on their own,” he said. “We built it together.”

Of course, no single individual built America on his own, Mr. President; whoever said one did? But the life and career of Steve Jobs demonstrates what a single individual can do in America, and only in America.

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12 thoughts on “Would those jealous of Steve Jobs please stand up?
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I found this interesting comment online here:


    Steve Jobs did nothing unless their was personal profit in it for him. He ran one of the most litigious companies on earth and closed down as much innovation as he supported just because it came from other people.

    He was good at recognizing good ideas and working out how to exploit and promote them. He did drive his staff hard and had passion for everything he did. He was a master at marketing and had no compunction about allowing people to assume that he was personally responsible for the work of others. Even concepts like the 'cloud' seem to have been conveniently attributed to Jobs by this author. It certainly wasn't his concept…. what was his, was the brazen attempt to control it for his companies personal profit and to inhibit other companies from participating.

    Aside from that, he kept his wealth for himself…. and gave very very little of his personal gain back to the world that he took so much from.

    I'm sorry for his family and sorry that he's died so young. I don't worship him with the uncritical zeal that his fanbase do, and I inherently mistrust anyone that does.

  2. Keith, London, UK

    "And let there be PERMANENT AND NEVER-ENDING death to all socialist ideas."
    Not all socialist ideas are bad ones, Sanjeev.
    The UK Labour party – an organisation based on socialist values – created the National Health Service, an amazing creation and one which brings untold benefits to millions of sick people throughout the UK and the European Union.
    (I'm not saying the NHS is perfect, however it's better than the ridiculous insurance system in the USA)
    Trades Unions support and protect millions of workers throughout the world – the Tolpuddle Martyrs would be proud.
    Also, Steve Jobs promoted the "One laptop per child" concept, surely one of the most ambitious and socially-driven projects in recent times.
    Capitalism promotes passion and success, yes. But it also promotes envy, greed, hatred, duplicity and all the base emotions of mankind. I'm a capitalist myself, however I'm not so blind as to not see the benefits that some elements of socialism can bring to society.
    Back on topic, and without resorting to yellow highlighter : Steve Jobs brought pleasure to many people with the products that he made. He also helped foster the computing business, and indirectly assisted many people in realising their dreams. He completely deserved all the accolades and cash that he garnered over his lifetime, and he has my respect for the achievements that made.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Keith

    First the union movement. I’d urge you to explore the union movement roots further. These were based on CLASSICAL LIBERAL ideas not socialist. Unions did not side with Marx and he railed against them. That doesn’t mean all union issues are valid, but no, unionism is not based on socialism. I’ve elaborated in DOF at some length.

    Re: the UK labour party – yes that was (and is) based on Fabian socialist ideas: a branch of socialism. The NHS is not a wonderful but a fundamentally flawed idea. And no, I don’t’ wish to compare with US since it is a social democratic weflare state, not capitalist in the sense I’d like it to be. Fortunately, it is still a little bit more free than UK.

    UK and US are classic examples of free societies (based on the ideas of Locke and Jefferson) facing their Waterloo in recent years due to the deep influence of socialist ideas in policy-making. The fact that capitalism has not been totally destroyed in these countries has somewhat saved them.

    Glad that you advocate capitalism. Btw it is totally untrue that capitalism “promotes envy, greed, hatred, duplicity and all the base emotions of mankind”. It is SOCIALISM that does so. Please verify history for yourself. Capitalism eliminates these emotions by ensuring opportunity and liberty. People are free to choose what they do with their lives. A thousands flowers can bloom without being envious of anyone else.

    Let us to work towards freedom and restrict the role of government to only those things which it must do. Details in BFN and DOF.


  4. Keith, London, UK

    I totally stand by my opinion that capitalism promotes envy, greed, hatred, duplicity and all the base emotions of mankind.
    Look at the current state of many countries within the EU. Most of their financial woes were caused thanks to the greed of bankers and individuals out to exploit the system and the availability of cheap credit.
    There are many more examples of the greed of capitalism. I actually think that capitalism would simply not work were everyone doing it for altruistic ideals – even "Wall Street" told us that "greed is good".

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m afraid you are thinking about something different to what I’m talking about. Let me urge you to consider reading my article: Unbridled capitalism? (

    You might also wish to read: The Morality of Capitalism (, and hundreds of books by writers like Hayek, Friedman and Mises. The point is simple: you are free to choose your emotions (whether envy or whatever else). What socialism does is to give envy great prominence. Capitalism allows you, should you be envious of Steve Jobs, for instance, to set up your own business to exceed his wealth. In socialism you can’t use your envy as a fuel to produce wealth. In socialism envy is used as a vehicle to KILL the rich. cf. Kulaks in USSR.

    Show me someone who is envious of others and I’ll show you an incompetent socialist who wants government to STEAL from the rich. We need ants, not grasshoppers.

  6. kumar

    Dear Sanjeev,
    I wish like a true Indian you would have mentioned some greate genuises of India like, Aryabhatta (zero inventor),Chanakya , along the lines of Einstein, edison.  

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    My list is not intended exhaustive but illustrative, and represents the great blossoming of science and technology under capitalism. Chanakya wouldn’t figure in this list since he was a political philosopher not a scientist. Aryabhata – yes, I agree there was significant liberty in India in those ancient times – which it has lost since the introduction of Nehru’s socialism.


  8. kumar

    Dear Sanjeev,
    Then sir proudly mention their name along with all other geniusess of the world.  Every invention and disovery depends upon previous genius work. Had Zero not been invented you could hardly imagine invention of computer, and various scientific discoveries. Even Eisntein shared the same views.
    As you gave stress on "PASSION" .. Rightly said passion comes from delving on the matter endlessly from heart without caring about results. The same meaning described way back in ourancient text "Bhagvad Gita"  : Karma Yoga : The duty of karma independent of attachment of fruits (result). 
    So do we require 1 billion Steve Jobs or spiritual power within self (for e.g Bhagvad Gita) to find truth and prosperity.
    Answer lies within

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No doubt you must look within. That’s exactly what Steve Jobs has been trying to say.

    But it is CRUCIAL that the economic and political system be compatible with liberty. In India you can’t innovate when the government has created such a mess. The government must be an enabler. That’s my point. I’m trying to RELEASE 1 billion Indians. It is not enough that they seek their individual salvation. That’s not what life is about. It is about CREATION.


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