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Why Atanu Dey (and many others like him) are wrong

I've written about this repeatedly, but worth mentioning AGAIN.

Atanu Dey believes (as paraphrased on FB by someone) that creating incentives for existing political parties to field better candidates is more practical in the near term.

Well, Atanu makes a BIG mistake. Good candidates (like me – for I set my own criteria of what is a good candidate) will NEVER join any existing party. I've got too much self-respect for that to happen. Therefore ONLY third rate people will join existing parties. All talk of improving existing parties is a waste.

As far as I'm concerned, either we do a proper job in India, or I remain (effectively in exile) out of India for the rest of my life. Spare me the third raters who are willing to join Congress or BJP!

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One thought on “Why Atanu Dey (and many others like him) are wrong
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