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Vijay Mohan shows how YOU, too, can be a millionnaire. Just be free!

Here are some wonderful pictures that Vijay Mohan (FTI member) has created and posted on his FB wall. I thoroughly commend Vijay's talent for communicating things in a simple manner. We need more Vijay Mohans to explain difficult concepts in a simple manner to the people.

(Indeed, if Amitabh Bachchan gets to see these pictures he could actually ask these questions on his program!)

(I've given my answers below each picture. I assume Vijay's answers would be the same.) Click for a larger image.


Answer: Classical liberalism

Answer: You, yourself.

Answer: Government

Answer: You, yourself and your family.

Answer: Profit is good

Answer: Pandit Nehru

Answer: 1 (check the index here) [In other words it is policies of freedom that lead to integrity in public life, not Lokpal alone)

Answer: Below rank 131 (see the index here)

Answer: Any Hawaldaar!

Answer: Income Tax Department

Answer: Economic liberalisation

Answer: Reduction in government regulation

Answer: Socialism

Answer: Free market.

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