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The likelihood that Modi is framing Sanjiv Bhatt should now be rated very high

It is impossible to figure out what is the truth in any matter for which one does not personally have access to all the facts.

But this newsreport that the IPS association of Gujarat has supported Bhatt is a most damning piece of evidence that casts serious questions on the claims of Modi that Bhatt has made false claims in his affidavits against him.

The IPS officers of Gujarat know EXACTLY what Modi is up to. IAS officers of Gujarat also know that very well, although they seem to be keeping a low profile. For IPS officers to support Bhatt points a clear finger at Modi.

It is virtually unheard of for IPS/IAS officials to pass resolutions on such a sensitive matter which has such serious political implications.

I wrote a few days ago that One fears for an India under Narendra Modi: intimidating those who speak against him. I am now (given this piece of evidence) becoming almost certain that Bhatt is being framed by Modi.

Fingers crossed.

It is crucial that the truth be allowed to come out. If Modi has connived in the murder of hundreds of people, or  has connived in framing Bhatt, then he must be brought to book. This is a very serious matter. Either Modi must be entirely exonerated or he must be booked and put behind bars.

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22 thoughts on “The likelihood that Modi is framing Sanjiv Bhatt should now be rated very high
  1. Shravan

    How many IPS officers are members of this particular association? How do you know they do not have any kind of criminal past? Bhatt is a SERIAL CRIMINAL.  How do you know IAS officers are against Modi or are for the moment silent?
    you said "For IPS officers to support Bhatt points a clear finger at Modi." Fortunately no court of law will think this way else Modi would have been pronounced guilty already. IAS and IPS officers are some of the dirtiest scum in this country and you know that too, what if they are saving their own corrupt asses knowing that if Bhatt falls they will be next in line? Are you sure it is none of this? how do you know?
    You have already made a fool out of yourself by claiming that Harsh Mander is a man of great integrity and vouched for him, you are doing it again.  

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    1. There is ONLY ONE IPS association in each state. So pl. check your facts and let me know if there is more than one association in Gujarat. That would be unprecedented. All IPS officers are automatically members of the association. An association of officers is not set up as a union but an informal social group. That is why it generally doesn’t comment on anything with political overtones.

    2. Bhatt is a criminal? That’s news! He has been risking his career exposing the crimes of Modi. What crime is that?

    3. Not ALL IAS/IPS officers are “scum”, I can assure you. There are so many of them of whom India should be very proud of. India is lucky that some of its best talent serves it even today. Yes, the likelihood of finding simple, honest officers is now getting low, but they do exist. So far I’ve not come across any information to suggest that Bhatt is a “scum”. Happy to get evidence to the contrary.

    4. Re: my making a “fool” of myself re: Harsh Mander. I’ve STILL got two minds about Harsh. As far as his honesty is concerned, I still have no evidence to question it. But a more serious question has been raised about his support for Kashmir breakaway group based on evidence provided on the internet. The evidence is plausible but not confirmed. I’m expecting there to be some common sense explanation. Surprisingly, the Indian media hasn’t picked up on this evidence. Why? In other words, I stick to the EVIDENCE. Harsh is in question in my mind today not because of his dishonesty (and hence I have NOTHING to suspect in regard to his analysis of Modi’s action in 2002), but because he might have unwittingly (I hope!) got involved in a highly questionable activity. And why do you mix Harsh Mander with Bhatt? Any logic?? – or just that you prefer mixing up things?

  3. vikatkavi

    You give impression that Mr.Bhatt, a Junior officer in IPS during 2002 ran all the show. How many of 35 officers who participated in the meeting supporting Mr. Bhatt did participate or control the mob in Gujrat in 2002. For how many of these IPS officers, did Mr. Modi tell to go slow. You are supporting a single man who fabricated evidence that he was present in at Mr. Modi's house during the fateful day. You may be ignorant of the fact that all the establishments run by central government like Governor's office, IAS officers, IPS officers are controlled by central government. All these Indian Service Officers would like to support their Central masters than their State masters for lucrative postings at Centre. They would wag their tail for central masters. You are also ignorant of the fact of the resolutions passed by Andhra Pradesh IAS & IPS officers against the AP government. As a mask of congress, they are nothing meant for you.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Vikatkavi

    It is a stretch to suggest that: “You may be ignorant of the fact that all the establishments run by central government like Governor’s office, IAS officers, IPS officers are controlled by central government. All these Indian Service Officers would like to support their Central masters than their State masters for lucrative postings at Centre. They would wag their tail for central masters.” This belief is only partially supported by the facts of the Indian constitutional arrangements. The state government exercises very significant control on the All India Services officers of that cadre.

    Re: the facts of 2002, I’m not privy to the any information. However, with the IPS association now supporting Bhatt, it appears that he is NOT fabricating evidence. That is the tentative conclusion any reasonable person would draw.

  5. Anshuman

    sanjiv..i guess u might hv read two pieces of news..what DGP said abt the so called "resolution" n wt happened in the so called association meeting and what Guj HC did to Bhatt's plea of relief in custodial killing case..
    n btw he has already been found guilty fr planting drugs in a person's belongings n Guj govt was forced to pay fr his demeanors..
    however ur selective reading of "news" is a tell tale sign of ur leanings…

  6. sanjeev

    Gujarat IPS officers have denied that their association has supported Sanjeev Bhatt. They have clarified that some officers may have gone to Bhatt's home to suppport a colleague's family. As for Sanjeev Bhatt being a criminal, there can be no doubt. He has been found guilty by the State Human Rights Commission and fined Rs.1 lac for having planted drugs on an advocate for getting some premises vacated. Bhatt is being investigated in a recruitment scam. Bhatt is being tried in a court of law for custodial death. Any other officer would have been dismissed from service for these crimes and hence Bhatt's conscience woke up a critical time when he knew he needed some bigwig to cover up his criminal activities and who better for that than the party in power at the centre. And what better way to get that party to do that than to spew venom at Narendra Modi. More so when he knew this act would make him a martyr.

  7. Anshuman

    n instead of talking in the tone "it appears' .."looks like " do read abt phone call details of Modhvadia..bhatt..his fudging of award letter…n what teh association emmebers said "we wont comment on the charges on him"..
    looks like IPS officers in guj are nt able to sell "Thanas" in Gujarat  as they do else where hurt n few of them jumping up n down fr Modi does t let them indulge in corrupt practises 

  8. cricfan

    am a little confused, Sanjeev. I'm not arguing the guilty/not-guilty of Sanjeev Bhatt (SB) or Narendra Modi (NM). thats for the courts to decide. But the title of this post seems to imply that:
    – there was a time (e.g. 7-9 years ago) when the probability of SB being framed by NM was close to zero and then suddenly jumped up to a current "very high" value (say 90%)? why?
    – that this probability of SB being framed was low (say 10%) "before" the IPS association decided to back one of their own, and then shot up in value (say 90%) "after" ?
    – I assume then that we should similarly justify an equal unconditional boost in credibility to auto-rickshaw, bus-conductor, lawyers, etc. associations (including NM development fans association), who feel unhappy whenever one of their own claims to "being framed".

  9. Shravan

    How do you know all the IPS officers are throwing their support behind Bhatt? Chidambaram could be behind it, putting pressure. 

  10. Shravan

    Dr Sabhlok, You do not know how many times Bhatt has found himself in trouble with the law? Many times Sir, there are plenty of cases against him some going back 20 years!

  11. Shravan

    Surprisingly, the Indian media hasn’t picked up on this evidence. 
    Yes very very surprising indeed, but the Indian Media never picks up on things that will affect what I call the communist, islamic, christian and pseudo secular alliance, call me a fear mongerer or anything you like, that is just the way it is. Media has been mum about Chidambaram's possible involvement in 2G scam, Media is mum about a lot of very important things!!
    You talk as if the media in this country is not biased against Modi or any right wing politician…TRULY…UNBELIAVEABLE!!

  12. Shravan

    Unwittingly getting involved in a questionable activity? Could that not have happened to Modi in 2002?
    You said you want evidence, what qualifies as evidence according to you? please tell me what more is needed? I brought in Harsh Mander to make a point, you make conclusions too easily, you were wrong about this Mander fellow and you are wrong about Bhatt!
    Harsh Mander's treason must be kept in mind before passing judgements, he wants to bring down a powerful andt honest right wing leader, plain and simple! He might not have made any black money being an IAS but I think he is a left wing Ideologue working for a pseudo secular left wing central government.
    You want evidence against Mander? You have evidence against Modi? Surprisingly the SC has upheld the charge that the train was burnt by outside attackers, I wonder what Mander has to say about that? what do you have to say about that? That same monsters who were saying the train was burnt from inside also said Modi gave orders to policemen to stand down blah blah blah.

  13. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    If Bhatt has conducted criminal acts he should long ago have been dismissed from the IPS. I’m not aware of the history of his “crimes”. Would appreciate being provided the relevant info about his “guilt”.

    Note that I have ONLY one leaning – to the truth. I don’t claim to know everything, nor can anyone know everything. If the facts change I change my opinions. That’s all I can commit to. No more.

  14. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks for this update re IPS association’s denial. That does make things very confounding. Very difficult to know the truth.

    Also, planting drugs is a criminal act – why has Bhatt not been dismissed yet?

  15. Y. R. Palia

    Sanjeev, I am sure you must have gone through the Justice Banerjee report.
    Two incidences, besides his finding that no kerosene or petrol were used to light the fire; makes me wonder if the Godhra train carnage too was a plot of the state.
    The first incident was the quarrel that some people dressed like the kar sevaks picked up with an old Muslim tea vendor, by refusing to pay him.
    The secone incident was the molestation of the teen aged Muslim girl trying to enter an adjacent bogie.
    Enough to create diversions for an agent to light the fire by setting fire to a seat cushion. Enough to enrage the people in the area and create a diversion.
    Then comes the order by Modi to bring the charred bodies and parade it in Ahamadabad. This will keep worrying me for a long long time.


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