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The duffer “Hindus” who run like cowardly dogs from India’s great legacy

RSS claims to in some form or way represent Hinduism.(I don't think ANYONE can represent this way of life, not religion, but that's a different matter.)

But what RSS and others of their ilk do is TOTALLy self-contradictory.

On the one hand these people keep BOASTING about how good "Hindu technology" was 5000 years ago.

And yet at the slightest whiff of competition, these FAKE Hindus run like a yelping dog that hides its tail and flees when someone comes near it ("दुम दबा कर भागते हैं").

The moment BETTER technology is sought to be installed in India (e.g. through FDI in retail/industry), it is these MENTAL PYGMIES who are the first to hide behind Sonia Gandhi's petticoat asking to be protected from SMARTER people.

Let there be competition, you FAKE Hindus, and prove your calibre TODAY.

Don't make idle boasts about what your ANCESTORS might have done 5000 years ago. That was THEM, now it is up to YOU to prove your calibre. Are you THEIR progeny or the progeny of cowards?

If you can't even compete with modern technology, if you can't understand modern science, if you can't understand modern management, if you can't understand modern economics, then you are basically DUFFERS, not "Hindu" representatives.

Don't give me this crap about how good Hindus were 5000 years ago. Today all I see are COWARDS.

If you are a true HINDU, then welcome competition. Welcome free trade. Show YOUR calibre.

Else, like the DOG that you (probably) are, run and hide from those who are smarter than you. You get no sympathy from me for being a (self-created) dog.

By opposing FREE TRADE and FREE INFLOW OF FDI, the RSS has proved that the Hindutva movement is a movement of COWARDS, of dogs who bark but run at the slightest whiff of competition.

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6 thoughts on “The duffer “Hindus” who run like cowardly dogs from India’s great legacy
  1. Ashish

    Dear Sanjeev,
    Just a personal set of questions to you, if you don't mind to answer it.
    "What makes you to love India? Why you want to change INDIA? You're not living in India, so there is no point of if Indian govt policies affect you. You are also not religious(coz for some people its their 'holy land' or Arya bhumi). Neither you believe in something like symbolicaly "Bharath Mata" or "janmabhumi" sort of thing so that you have to pay debt to her. And there is no reason to be proud on today's Indian society which is full of jaichands.
    Then what it is? Are you doing it for Money?  What is making you so desparate to change INDIA? Why you want to see INDIA on top?
    My intenetions are not to hurt you. But just to know better about you and like minded.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The answer is found in the book, BFN and elsewhere. A project that I began in Feb 1998. A part of one’s citizenship to one’s nation.

    Till late 2005 I made THREE attempts to form a political party that would change things. None worked. Indians just don’t care TWO HOOTS for their country. They simply don’t understand the concept of citizenship.

    I got really fed up by mid-2005 and gave up all hope. That’s when I took Australian citizenship but later took overseas Indian citizenship.

    This time, my last attempt, began in December 1997 when I decided to start FTI and give it one last go.

    Just the other day I was feeling terribly sorry once again – of finding the same old pattern – people (like you??) who DON’T want to take responsibility for their nation, but want to free ride on the work of others.

    These are people (like you??) who will criticise their politicians, give them lectures but NEVER raise their finger to change things.

    Just the other day I wrote about this TOTAL LACK OF CITIZENSHIP among “educated” Indians. (

    In other words there was NO REASON for me to have left India but the attitude of “educated” Indians meant there was simply no point hanging on.

    Later, there was NO REASON for me to have gotten rid of Indian citizenship, but the attitude of “educated” Indians meant there was simply no point continuing.

    This time, my last attempt – I will do till I’m totally exhausted. I’m already quite (physically) sick and feeling really poor.

    I know what will happen after my typing away (in pain) and responding to you. YOU TOO will say – ha! Great. You carry on your stupidity while I carry on detesting politics and politicians.

    You too, Ashish?

    Now that I’ve answered (this is perhaps the 100th time I’ve answered), what about you???

    What’s your life history Ashish? What makes you tick? What do you want to do about changing things? Are YOU a citizen, Ashish???????

  3. radhakrishna

    and our GREAT ANCESTORS…also would have scolded for not doing great inventions, just using our names, clinging to past but not learning from past, going back to stone age slowly slowly where as our ANCESTORS had modernized the STONE AGE period……it is all drama by these so called self styled ‘THEKEDARS’ …that word HINDUSIM itself is not even mentioned in any of the scriptures…good that BJP’s hinduvta ideology has failed big time as it was based on whims and fancies anyways

  4. senthil

    This is a stupid article.. what has FDI to do with technology.. will you say, any one can come inside anyone’s home and compete for their wife.. The economy, land and resources are to be protected, and NOT to be prostituted as you are demanding..

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I must say that you have the strangest theory I’ve ever heard. So can you define “economy”? Whose property is it? Is Ambani’s home your WIFE?

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