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The blogsphere (citizensphere) vs. tyranny everywhere

The idea that nations are sovereign is ridiculous. The time is now ripe to permanently wipe out that frivolous and crazy idea.

ONLY individuals are sovereign.

Nations are merely structures we build in which to live a free life the way we please. The national boundary is needed since only those who pay for infrastructure or defence should have access to it. But otherwise there exists NO BOUNDARY between humans anywhere. 

That is the direction of change today – where nation states are being shown up for what they are: managers of community services. Like we have a manager to clean our drains and fix lights in the corridors of a gated community, so also we have governments to clean our sewers and ensure lights on our streets

A government is no more than that. A sewage manager.

When we see things in such proper light, it becomes clear that the press, too, has served its purpose. It was an intermediary between citizens. Its role is now far less relevant than ever before. 

When I talk to you in my drawing room I don't call the press to intervene and "publish" my selected opinions. I directly share my thoughts with you and you do likewise. That is what this is about: FREE INTERACTION.

That is what the blogsphere and social networks are enabling us to do, at a scale unprecedented in human history.

The blogsphere and social networks are therefore more appropriately called, in my opinion, the citizensphere – the place for the free expression of citizens' views without any intermediation by the press or government.

The citizenshere significantly SUPERCEDES governments in order of priority. It is what matters far more than governments.

In that sense both the government and press are now becoming far less relevant, if not redundant. 

With the advance in the citizensphere it should be possible for us to more directly monitor our agents (the government and press). Thus, when I demand on Twitter that "Obama MUST provide DETAILED evidence re: the assassination of Al-Awlaki if he claims to be a defender of liberty" I do so in my capacity as an ordinary HUMAN on this earth who INSISTS on the protection of liberty everywhere.

Obama (presumably a Nobel peace laureate, something he must rise up to and earn) is merely a temporary agent, a sewage manager, of Americans. He has has no authority to kill anyone in the world without regard to the principles of justice – regardless of whether the person being killed is an American citizen or someone else.

That is the message that governments across the world need to start understanding – carefully.

Governments are NOT sovereign. They are our sewage managers.

It is CITIZENS who are sovereign.

The order of priority of humanity is this:

  1. Individuals
  2. Markets
  3. Citizensphere (blogsphere/social networks/ private associations)
  4. Press
  5. Government

Let governments EVERYWHERE understand this very clearly, and heed the message of liberty. Then all will be well.

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