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Peter Schiff’s DIRECT DEBATE with the Occupy Wall St movement

I chanced upon this wonderful direct debate with the OWS movement protestors by Peter Schiff.

Of his three hours, an edited 18 minutes is available here. Many protesters want socialism, many want tax rates to go sky high, but some seem to want (in a confused sort of manner) a more genuine version of capitalism. 

I learnt a lot by listening to this. It is about 19 minutes long. Worth listening to – if nothing else but to realise that the same CONFUSION of thought that is typical of the "educated" Indian is also typical of many people in USA.

Freedom is very hard to understand. Everyone seems to think that government is a great thing – better than God. They vaguely understand that governments are often hands in glove with big business (crapitalism), but they can't seem to see that the problem is government – which holds the POWER to do whatever it wants. 

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