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Kiran Bedi just doesn’t get it. Her reputation is in tatters – with me.

If this report in The Hindu is true, then I'm afraid Kiran Bedi is simply NOT built to be a leader of the quality that India needs.

I'm very sorry to read the SMSs (which amount to documentary evidence) about her response to The Hindu on such matters. She has stated:

Very stupid sir. Can't understand this nonsense. Did they invite me or did I get invited? And if they offered me this and I saved for a cause, so what is their problem! Was the invite conditional? After much persuasion, I go and they say a 1000 thanks. Remarkable.

How is this relevant? It was an offer by them and I did a favour by going to them free, not charging even a speaker fee. Ask them, did I ask for invite or they invited me? And whose behest are they talking of?…Whose interest is this nonsense going on?…Team Anna is becoming stronger by this I can tell you. Come what may, we have to get the Jan Lok Pal Bill…Since when did saving become a crime?

Her actions don't necessarily constitute a crime, but they come close. After all, tax payer funds are being DIVERTED into her NGO. I'm not she can escape scot-free. In any event it is an obviously unethical act to send FALSE invoices. And to NOT apologise but to keep insisting that what she has done is right is simply unacceptable.

Kiran, your reputation is now in tatters, at least as far as I'm concerned.

You did not take simple common sense advice I've been giving (unsolicited, no doubt, but in your best interest) to apologise and make amends.

You keep insisting that your UNETHICAL act of false invoicing is correct. How can you possibly criticise the parliamentarians of India when your own sense of ethics is so questionable?

At this stage even publicly apologising is not likely to reinstate your reputation.

I'm unable to distinguish between you and MMS (or other so-called "honest" parliamentarians). What's your locus standi now?

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