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Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s attack on Hayek doesn’t stick #2

The idea that Hayek is somehow advocating something radically different to Mises has been proposed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. A couple of days ago I rebutted Hoppe's claim within the limits of my own non-specialist knowledge (I'm not an "Austrian" economist: just a plain vanilla economist and – more importantly – plain vanilla political philosopher).

Fortunately I've now come across an excellent talk by Steve Horwitz – linked below. 

I was a bit sleepy and also in pain (my eyes are still bothering me quite a bit) so I have missed bits of the talk while dozing on the sofa with computer speakers on full blast. But from what I could catch, I notice that Steve actually provides pretty much the same arguments I made to rebut claims of the Hans-Hermann Hoppe sort, albeit with more depth and historical context than I did. Steve also refers to a 2004 paper of his in which he has clarified this issue in detail. 

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2 thoughts on “Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s attack on Hayek doesn’t stick #2
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