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Ganesh vs. the Third Reich #7 – I “do not believe in modern medicine or medical profession” (?)

A number of issues have emerged among the comments made on this Facebook group in relation to the Ganesha play, but before I discuss matters related to freedom of speech, let me address one of the side issues related to the medical profession and medical science.

In response to a hyped up/ exaggerated comment I made about x-rays of the head, Dr Yadu Singh was reminded about my comments re: doctors in a recent blog post. He therefore wrote:
Sorry, I forgot, you do not believe in modern medicine or medical profession. You yourself have called names for medical profession, without you having any background in medicine or medical training. You are wrong there too. Your anecdotal experience does not prove a thing. Modern medicine saves lives and a few bad apples in medical profession do not render the whole profession useless or bad. Your Blog used hyperbole and gave an imbalanced view of the profession. This blog of yours does not prove a point, just because you had the misfortune to meet a specialist who was not good enough. Exceptions do not become rules. [Source]
I know Dr Singh has not taken this personally, but it does indicate a misunderstanding about my position, so let me address this issue first. Other issues I'll address separately, later.
Let me first note that I have suffered some of the most agonising pain of my life during the last year (pain and I have been friends for long – each time due to poor diagnosis by doctors, not failure of medical science). Let me assure Dr Singh that no matter what emotional pain he (or other Hindus) might have experienced as a result of the Ganesha play, I have been suffering serious (really really serious – enough to demoralise me completely) PHYSICAL pain. 
After the failure of three doctors to diagnose the problem, I was forced to vigorously extend my initial attempts at self-diagnosis and self-treatment – else I was going basically into a psychological black hole.
Whatever little relief I have achieved by now is ENTIRELY due to my own efforts to diligently study the issue and to apply all kinds of remedies I could read about (or imagine). 
It is not my "misfortune" to have visited a series of incompetent doctors. That is precisely what the average standard of the medical profession is. Even the fourth doctor I recently met turned out to be EXACTLY THE SAME – a waste of time (and money).
Despite my requests, two eye specialists in Melbourne so far have refused to conduct tests (one didn't even know about one of the tests – meibography – which is commonly discussed in medical articles) but charged $150 each, and prescribed medicines that have no relationship with the cause. I can name these specialists publicly if you wish. 
My experience is not an "exception". I can give TENS of examples of doctors I've met in my life who have FAILED MISERABLY in basic diagnositic skills – and one virtually killed me as a result (caused DVT). There is SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that I cited recently about more than half the doctors in India making their patients worse. There are innumerable studies about hospitals in which doctors are found to be the greatest source of disease – by not following basic hygiene. And so on. 
Instead of defending a seriously broken down medical profession, I would be most grateful if Dr. Yadu Singh can do me a MAJOR favour: I am still not fully cured and need proper tests to properly identify the cause of my pain and related symptoms – and possibly a long dose of low-intensity antibiotics and possible surgical probing of meibomian glands.
If Dr Singh can refer me to a competent eye specialist in Melbourne – someone who knows about the latest tests and is willing to undertake the tests before coming to a conclusion about my eye problem, I'd be extremely grateful. 
Please do not treat my SERIOUS physical pain lightly, or brush it aside.
I understand your emotional pain re: Ganesha's torture in a play, but would appreciate some genuine interest in my real pain. Ganesha doesn't suffer ANY pain – no matter how he is "tortured" in a play (it is like a play of dolls and children – just fiction). Real people, however, do suffer real pain.  
And I like stick to the truth regardless of how unpleasant it may be. The truth is that the medical profession is BADLY BROKEN. Let's not hide from this basic truth.
I don't know how to fix it – a job too big for me to undertake. But I'd appreciate if you can find a competent doctor who can actually identify my problem and cure me. That won't fix the profession, but it will fix me.
Medical science
Let me make it very clear that I am firmly committed to the scientific method and critical thinking. Virtually everything I say or do is derived from this underlying way of thinking.
When I had RSI which many super-specialists in Los Angeles, Guwahati and Melbourne, totally failed to understand or treat, I then began one of the most extensive studies of this topic that perhaps anyone has so far undertaken. I devoured almost every book and (medical) journal article on RSI, and personally paid for an investigated almost every possible treatment under the sun.
The result: I not only managed to understand my problem and bring my RSI under control (from levels of pain at 9 out of 10, to less than 1 out of 10), but my remedy has helped hundreds of people across the world in curing themselves. Today, I can explain the entire logic (cause, mechanics) of RSI and what, therefore, is its cure. I don't have time to write a book on this topic, but I have enough knowledge to write a high quality book on RSI – including all relevant medical references.
My findings are purely scientific, in the HIGHEST tradition of medical science. 
While the medical profession has REPEATEDLY failed me, medical science, or more generally – the scientific method – has ALWAYS saved me.
Similarly, in the case of the eye problem that I have been experiencing, the medical profession has BITTERLY failed me.
Whatever relief I have found so far (so as to make my life livable) has been entirely through my own efforts. My studies have ranged widely across the entire spectrum of human knowledge, including experimentation that no one has yet tried. I have read a significant number of (medical) journal articles and extracts from specialist medical books. It would not be out of place to suggest that my knowledge of dry eyes is at this point pretty close to what some of the top researchers in the world today may have. It is real scientific knowledge, not speculative.
So while the medical profession gets a VERY POOR score for shoddy performance and incompetence (the few good doctors are the exception, not the rule), medical science gets a VERY HIGH SCORE.
Medical science admits it hasn't got all the answers, but it has advanced VERY FAR on this topic. Unfortunately, the average eye specialist seems to be stuck at a knowledge level at least 10 to 15 years old. 
I'd welcome the opportunity to be proved wrong. 
I'd therefore be extremely grateful if Dr. Singh or anyone else can recommend me a competent eye specialist in Melbourne – someone willing to undertake the appropriate tests to investigate the problem thoroughly, someone willing to apply medical science and not whimsical guesswork: someone who understands critical thinking and the scientific method.
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