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Donna Laframbroise puts the final nail in IPCC’s coffin

The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert is a Kindle book by Donna Laframboise which is getting rave reviews for ENTIRELY DEMOLISHING the already demolished IPCC.

I have already noted that IPCC reports are merely toilet paper. Here's more:

The book catalogues the various dirty tricks that insiders use to ensure the Politically Correct line of the IPCC reports, shows how many of the lead authors are not experts in the field for the chapters they control, demonstrates that 30% of the references are from the “Grey” literature, mainly from activist organisations like WWF, Greenpeace, EDF. It further shows that a great many of the references are from journals controlled by Phil Jones, Mann and others. [Source]

A review entitled, Great Investigative Journalism!! on Amazon says:

Donna Laframboise blows the lid off the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Instead of being a neutral body evaluating whether there has, in fact, been unprecedented global warming, the IPCC started with the premise that global warming was increasing at an alarming rate.

Instead of investigating whether this warming was due to natural temperature cycles related to natural phenomena, human induced production of a trace atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide, was the cause celebre from the beginning. Instead of convening the world's experts, Laframboise exposes many of the IPCC "scientists" as being young, un-degreed, sometimes unpublished fledglings! She shows abundant examples of true world experts, purposely avoided by the UN IPCC, because they disagreed with the anthropogenic global warming party line

Surprisingly, instead of gathering scientists with no preconceived notions of climate change, Donna Laframbroise lays bare the high percentage of IPCC scientist who had been closely associated with and many times employed by the powerful and monied environmental activist groups, such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Environmental Defense Fund, and others.

Thus, these IPCC staff were following an agenda. They were "more activist than scientist!"

She exposes The IPCC as a shoddy organization who didn't even follow what few rules it had, but portrayed itself as the indisputable oracle of impending climate disaster backed by the consensus of "thousands" of the world's most best scientists! 

The Delinquent Teenager… is a fascinating unraveling of the world's most powerful voice for redistributing trillions of dollars in the name of the unproven theory of anthropogenic global warming, a theory rapidly losing many of its early proponents. 

If Donna Laframbroise hasn't put the final nail in the coffin of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, I'll be surprised!

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