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We may still “need” God, but not to explain the universe

The God hypothesis is now being used less than ever before.We don't want an "explanation" (God) that "explains" everything but predicts nothing.

Here's an excellent write up on this topic. 

True, we still have a few key gaps in our understanding, but God has essentially been driven away into a corner. God is only "needed" to explain two main things: (a) How is there something and not nothing? and (b) What happens to us after death?

These two residual questions have perfectly valid non-God explanations, which could potentially undermine God and drive "Him" even further into a corner – with absolutely nothing to "do". 

It appears to me that God and religion will ultimately revert to their main job: of psychological therapy when we are in desperate strife. God servers a social purpose and that's where "His" value lies.

God and religion exist to address our ignorance and emotional shortcomings: the weakest aspects of our nature. 

Where we are able to use our rational mind, God has become increasingly irrelevant.

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6 thoughts on “We may still “need” God, but not to explain the universe
  1. Bhagwad Jal Park

    It's strange to ask "where do you go after you die." The answer is "Wherever you were before you were born!"
    It's like asking, where does the music go after the instrument is broken. It doesn't "go" anywhere. It just…vanishes.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, there are people to whom such questions appear strange. Logically you are right. Yet humanity has spent most of its life thinking (and speculating) about this precise question.

  3. Eknaath Nagarkar

    That principle which never had a beginning and hence shall have no end goes by the name GOD!
    If GOD is great FAITH is greater!
    When you find maximum killings have occurred according to History in the name of God perhaps less said the better about God. But what I fail to understand is why agnostics most of the time talk about God.
    Eknaath Nagarkar

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Eknath, I’m an agnostic who talks about FREEDOM for 90% of the time. For the rest, one does need to talk about related issues, isn’t it? In particular, the question of God is important, since it is the most sturdy concept invented by man.


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