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Rajesh Jain’s brilliant characterisation of India’s so-called freedom (independence) movement

Here's something worth thinking about. Well said, Rajesh (of Indiaworld fame –,, etc.). Now I wonder if you are ready to DO something about it. As I said, it is much easier to teach/ preach than to DO. We need doers, not preachers.

The great revolutions of history (American, British/ Industrial, French) have all centred around the notion of freedom. Our Indian revolution ended with a skin colour change. And the result – a country that still counts hundreds of millions amongst its poor – is there for us to see. But even that is changing. We are building enough cocoons and gated communities that we will not have to see the poor. For this select set, India has arrived and is an IT superpower on its way to becoming an economic superpower.

India’s lack of freedom is at the heart of India’s lack of development and central to the issue of corruption.

Rajesh, I believe you are one of those exceptional engineers of India who actually understands economics and politics (most of India's brightest people have NO clue about these disciplines and pontificate based on their "engineered inventions" about society). I invite you to implement your ideas. Please step forward and lead. Please join FTI  and let's offer a high quality leadership team to India. Else your insights are essentially pointless, just hot air.

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4 thoughts on “Rajesh Jain’s brilliant characterisation of India’s so-called freedom (independence) movement
  1. Prakash

    Rajesh and Atanu's idea is to pressurise the BJP to adopt pro-market, non-crony capitalist reforms to become a genuine forward looking right-wing party. It is a different strategy from yours.
    I doubt that the BJP would pursue reforms that would hurt their main supporters, the trading communities. I can't imagine them supporting agricultural purchase reform and modern retail's right to buy from farmers, for an example.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I know that Rajesh is part of the Friends of BJP network, and Atanu works for him. Presumably Atanu supports it as well (don’t know).

    Yes, there’s no harm in trying to reform BJP. But I can’t see how BJP can possibly change its foundational colours. Its history arises from the Hindu Mahasabha, then Jan Sangh, then Janata Party. Its ideological force is NOT liberty but “integral humanism” of Deendayal Upadhyaya who was the soul of the Jan Sangh. IH is a very confused ideology that tries to mix socialism, Gandhian anarchism, Hindu fanaticism (strong affiliation with RSS), and general conservatism. That’s why “swadeshi”, mercantalism and protectionism appeals more to BJP than the ideas of John Locke or Adam Smith. BJP has thus managed to land up with some highly questionable people, some very bigoted -including that nautanki Advani who is responsible for so much property damage and loss of life. And it is corrupt to the core as a party. And Modi, who’s involvement in supporting riots is almost certain.

    And you are right, they are the ones blocking retail liberalisation. So much for “shubh labh”!

    So no, BJP is not going to rise to the occasion, as is repeatedly shown by incidents surrounding BJP in daily life over the past 10 years.

    Let Rajesh and Atanu try. Once they fail, they will realise there’s no choice but to form a separately classical liberal force, one that is neutral across all religions, and focuses ONLY on liberty. It is hard work, but in the end, there is a CLEAR and SEPARATE place in the political spectrum for liberty.


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