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Open challenge to the crooks whom India worships as “Godmen” – पाखंडियों का पर्दाफाश

Came across this outstanding set of videos which demonstrate EXACTLY HOW the various "miracles" by FRAUDSTERS (thousands of them, including Satya Sai Baba) are done.

Well done Narendra Nayak! Very proud to have a person like you in India. Just the kind of person India needs.

Re-asserting my OPEN CHALLENGE to anyone who can demonstrate any extra-normal "power". James Randi has failed to find ANYONE to take the million dollars he has on offer. And yet I know that many "educated" Indians continue to believe in such things. Please get over your childish gullibility. You are being RIPPED OFF by crooks like "Satya" Sai Baba. When will you grow up into adults?

Episode 1 (10 minutes)

Episode 2 (10 minutes)

Episode 3 (10 minutes)

Episode 4 (10 minutes)

Episode 5 (8 minutes)

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4 thoughts on “Open challenge to the crooks whom India worships as “Godmen” – पाखंडियों का पर्दाफाश
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sharad Bailur (on FB)

    With the beginning of the 'festival season' (which I think is great) a major drawback is always the regress to religion and ritual and on to the inevitable slippery slope of superstition. I notice that we spend a huge amount of time and energy and resources on what, apart from the festivity, appears to me to be completely pointless. Unfortunately, while education tends to help in the direction of lessening this pointless effort and directing it to more useful purpose, it is inadequate, especially in the Indian context where whole regiments of scientists suffer from a kind of intellectual schizophrenia. They hold contradictory opinions on God and religion on the one hand and the science the have been trained in and moreover understand, on the other. The affectsd not just ordinary scientists – even Nobel Prize winning physicists like Abdus Salam are prone to it.

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