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Made for each other: Hindu fanatics in Australia and Muslim fanatics in India

I'm currently having a debate with a FB group called Say No to "GANESH VERSUS THE THIRD REICH" regarding the Council of Indians in Australia that is trying to block the staging of a play in Australia.

But as expected, their counterpart in India – a fanatic group of Muslims – has objected to a cartoon published on 20 September 2011 in Indore (these people seem to be made for each other).

I've requested a friend in Indore for a scanned copy of the cartoon, but in the meanwhile let me note my ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION and unhappiness with people all over the world who are trying to repress and block freedom.

Please let us learn to live and let live. Let people say what they wish. We need a thick skin and a lot of tolerance. Don't take the world into medievalism.

*  *  * 

A person on this FB group alleged that they were being "harmed" by the play.

I asked:

What's the harm? Can you be very explicit and very detailed? Where is the cut on your body? Where is the blood? Have you been hospitalised?

The response:

Harm does not always need to be physical or involve physical injuries or cuts. An injured person does not always need to be hospitalized. Even illnesses can be physical and non-physical. 

My response:

what precisely was the harm? If not physical then where? In the head? Which part of the head hurt? Can we have X-rays of the head? (or whatever it is that detects that pain)?

Waiting for a response. Will update as more info comes in.

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6 thoughts on “Made for each other: Hindu fanatics in Australia and Muslim fanatics in India
  1. Shravan

    Let them have their play and enjoy it but hindus must be cautious henceforth, such plays have an effect on the social psyche of the people, it will lead to some bias or wrong preconceptions about hindus.
    Also please do not compare the Hindus who are protesting this play with Islamic radicals, Hindus will not kill anyone as a result of this play or any cartoon.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Shravan

    Racism and bias can ultimately only be rectified in one way: by being better than the others in every way. Become richer, become more educated, set up your own business and employ these “others”.

    Racism is a legacy of ignorance, past imperialism, and the shoddy economic performance of nations like India who follow socialist policies.

    Having said that if any racist is identified, he/she should be publicly put on notice (as I did with Kyle Sandilands).

    Yes, by all means write against the play, protest, and do other things to express concern, but asking the play to be banned is simply not OK.

    Radicalism spreads in stages. When the children of these Hindus notice that their parents are successful in banning plays, they will get the idea that coercion works. In due course even Hindus will start killing. That’s how the Germans started killing Jews. It took a few hundred years for that to happen, but intolerance has only one consequence in the end: violence.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Saurabh, such things are matters of opinion, and your opinion is as good as any other’s. And if someone has a diseased mind, we can simply ignore his/her opinion.

    The point is simple: let there be freedom to express the widest variety of opinions in the world.

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