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4 thoughts on “Jaspal Bhatti’s advocacy of a right to corruption
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sharad Bailur on Facebook

    He is right. The country WILL come to a standstill. Here is my take from my article due to be published in Freedom First (October issue): 'Put yourself in the shoes of a government servant. You have been (reluctantly or inefficiently) doing the work assigned to you lubricated by bribes up to now. Tomorrow a Lokpal (pristine and uncorrupt and a firm devotee of Anna) ensures that your bribe gravy train comes to a dead halt. Will you still do the work? Or will you stop doing the work? Remember there is no clear way to punish a government servant for not doing his work. You cannot get rid of him. His job is secure under a government mandated law. THIS MAKES ANY EFFICIENCY ON THE PART OF THE LOKPAL IN DOING HIS JOB A PERFECT RECIPE FOR INSTANT AND TOTAL PARALYSIS OF GOVERNANCE. So the pressure will mount on the Lokpal to the extent that it will become impossible for the Lokpal to continue to do any useful work – or if ‘Economic Determinism’ works, as it must, the Lokpal himself will become the fount of corruption. There will therefore be an additional layer of bribing to be done to get your work done.'

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