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Innocent woman protester against corruption killed under the Congress government

Beating innocent people EVEN when Baba Ramdev offered to be arrested was an act of great cowardice by the Congress government.

I called on 13 June 2011 for the Congress government to resign. Of course it didn't – it won't. These IMMORAL people aren't interested in the rule of law. They are interested in power and pelf.  

Rajbala, whose spine was broken by the police on 4-5 June, has died.

The government – whose main purpose is to protect citizens – has DESTROYED yet another INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE. Betrayed the basic reason for its existence. 

True, this might have been an unauthorised act by the Congress. It might have been a case of a really bad district administration, but it occurred under the watch of the Congress. Unless the full story is investigated and the Congress leadership completely absolved, the finger of suspicion will point to the Congress. Just like Modi can't escape suspicion for mismanagement of the 2002 riots till all investigations are complete and the case closed, the Congress can't escape suspicion for the death of Rajbala.

An Indian academic who teaches in South Africa wrote this to me today (on a separate matter):

 just reminded me Boxer revolution… when government fails, people rise… that happened in China…. why cant it happen in India… must happen now… we cant afford to be lazy, soft , and just money collecting leaders… dont we need a threat of existence to these people.. 

No, I'm NOT supporting a violent response, but surely things must change.

The killing of Rajbala under the watch of the Congress government must be avenged – by voting out the Congress and voting in a political group that will bring integrity and prosperity .

Please join FTI and rise to lead India. The people must rise and breach India's parliament.

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