One-stop shop to make India 20 times richer

Deepak Chopra’s gravy train – from duping millions of IGNORANT gullible Americans!

India does a VERY good job of generating sophisticated crooks!

Many of India’s “godmen” have milked gullible Americans in the past.

Now it is the turn of Deepak Chopra’s CONTERPRISE (“enterprise”). He is a MEDICAL doctor from AIIMS (i.e. he has a high IQ  and has studied some science). But clearly his GREED has overwhelmed his love of the truth and science.

In the USA he couldn’t pretend to be a Satya Sai Baba – for that wouldn’t ring a bell there. So he adapted his message to his audience. He is suave, subtle. He honed his skills at Toastmasters: mastered the art of verbal deception. So he is very persuasive to the MILLIONS of  “educated” scientific illiterates of USA (with people like Al Gore sitting at the top of America’s MASSIVE PYRAMID OF IGNORANCE) .

I first came across Chopra’s work in mid-1990s while I was in the USA, and listened to a couple of his talks on the TV. I also bought one of his books for $1 in a sale (I’ve never found time to read it) .

But, lately, snippets have been coming in fast and thick about Chopra’s ANTI-SCIENCE message and blatant distortion of the truth so he can continue to FOOL as many Americans as he possibly can.

And yes, he is succeeding in a big way! This is great business: GYP THE SUCKERS, for a sucker is born each day (or is it every minute!).

He seems to have by now (very conveniently!) forgotten whatever he was taught in St. Columba’s and AIIMS (I still regard both these as outstanding institutions), and preaches a FRAUDULENT mix of so-called Indian and Western “medicine” and “philosophy”.

You don’t get charlatans more sophisticated than this man.

Shame on you Deepak Chopra. You are RUINING the good name of Columba and AIIMS.

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My personal reminiscences about Columba and AIIMS

Both Columba and AIIMS have special meaning for me.

In 1965 when I moved from Shillong to Delhi (on my father’s transfer as Under Secretary Defence, GOI), I took the admission test for class 1 in Columba’s – along with tens of other aspirants. However, Columba’s had a Hindi test apart from English and Arithmetic. I had not been taught Hindi in Shillong (St.Auxilium) so despite doing well in other subjects I was refused admission to Columba’s. (A further digression: Modern School didn’t even do me the courtesy of an interview – they only admitted the children of the high and mighty. So I was put into Salwan School in the end – where I topped in all the three years that I was there – Salwan swept all top positions in India in 1976 AIHSc – but, of course, by then I was in Jullundur).

AIIMS has special meaning for me as well. In class XI I was tossing up between being a doctor, painter and an IAS officer. I was (reluctantly) persuaded by my father to aim for the IAS, but I still wanted to appear in the AIIMS exam, so I got the application form and filled it out. But my father didn’t pay for the admission test, knowing well that I’d get in easily (I won the national science talent scholarship with specialisation in biology), and it would then become harder to stop me from doing medicine.

[Btw, does anyone have a copy of the 4 or 5-volume biology text used in AIHSc 1976? The introduction on the scientific method in the first volume was brilliant. I’d love to publish that on this blog.]

It is a shame that high quality institutions like Columba’s and AIIMS also had an alumnus like Deepak Chopra, who has basically broken his allegiance with science and the truth.

Videos on Deepak Chopra

Watch these two videos to get a sense of how he is DUPING AMERICA.

Part 1 (6 minutes)

Part 2 (6 minutes)


Deepak the clown:


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