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Arvind Kerjriwal is a self-proclaimed socialist – thus an enemy of India, along with other socialists

For long the ideas of Arvind Kejriwal appeared to me to be extremely diffuse, and I've so commented on this blog on occasion. I recently asked to see his theory of state, for I couldn't understand where he comes from in the theoretical sense. My initial analysis of his theory showed that he is seriously confused. I said:

Socialism is the underlying cause of India's misgovernance, but Kejriwal's paper doesn't even show the REMOTEST understanding of that. He imagines that simply by having more local power things will become miraculously better.

NONE of his ideas, for instance, drill down into the underlying causes of corruption. He is clearly happy with India's socialist policies, just concerned about a few minor fringe issues (his "solutions" therefore TOTALLY fail to deliver, e.g. RTI. Why did RTI not eliminate corruption, – why did it also need Lokpal? The same fate will attend the Lokpal – which doesn't address ANY of the causes of corruption. Why is state funding of elections NOT being promoted by IAC?) 

Well, Kejriwal has now cleared the air and declared himself SOCIALIST

Do you have ideological inclinations?
Let me speak about the people in the leadership as I cannot speak for all the people who have participated. There cannot be anyone in the leadership who has a communal background. Our core team consists of 25 people and most of them are left  centre. I hope that answers your question.
Need I say more? Now, everything fits.
No wonder there has been no response from Arvind Kejriwal (or Kiran Bedi) to my personal messages (delivered through intermediaries). THESE PEOPLE ARE SOCIALISTS – NO DIFFERENT TO THE CONGRESS AND BJP LEADERS THEY CLAIM TO OPPOSE.
Well, it is good to have his views made so explicit (like Amartya Sen made explicit his leftist leanings, once, and is no longer a credible economist in my list of Indian economists).
So now the whole of Inda knows that Arvind and I are on OPPOSITE SIDES. That's good to know.
I left the Academy (in August 1994) one year before Arvind Kejriwal joined the civil service (1995). Had I been at the Academy in 1995 I would have taught him. At the least I hope he was taught by Atindra Sen of the 1978 batch of IAS (now with the Bombay chambers of commerce) – an economist whom I hold in high esteem. 
But the Academy's thrust was, of course, socialist under the leadership of NC Saxena (and Harsh Mander who was a couple of batches senior to me – 1980 vs mine – 1982). That might have prevented good economics education from being imparted to the young officer trainees. And so we have managed to create YET ANOTHER economic illiterate who is now further damaging India – damage that was started by Nehru. 
If Arvind will kindly do me the courtesy of reading BFN  (as his countefactual professor at the Academy) we can discuss further. 
Else I'm going oppose anything he does to destroy India's future. Sorry, I can't tolerate socialists. They are THE ENEMIES OF INDIA. Period.
The failure of economics education in India is colossal. A disaster.

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9 thoughts on “Arvind Kerjriwal is a self-proclaimed socialist – thus an enemy of India, along with other socialists
  1. Vishal Kumar Singh

    The medieval force and socialist have joined hands. They will cause great harm to India. We should be very afraid of these people.

  2. Bhagwad Jal Park

    I suggest we stop talking in terms of labels – socialism, capitalism, liberal, fascist etc etc. All these "isms" and "ists" are a poor tool of logic because each person's views will deviate from the "ideals" in significant ways.
    It's important to just criticize or praise exact things a person says without using ad hominem arguments like "He's a socialist!" That's very poor reasoning.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    There are CRUCIAL differences between two worldviews – socialist and capitalist. These worldviews lead to their own deductions about how people will behave under certain circumstances.

    One (socialist) leads to collectivist solutions, the other (capitalist) to individualist solutions. These are RADICALLY different in every way.

    It would be folly in the EXTREME to not be able to recognise these fundamental differences.

    But, of course, such folly is common in India. Utter CONFUSION prevails in India.

    Hence I’m struggling to get traction – despite offering solutions that are GUARANTEED to be 100 times better in every way than alternative solutions. People like you are muddled up. So maybe the first step is for you to educate yourself.

    Clearly despite my repeated requests you’ve not done me the courtesy of reading BFN. Such are the “elites” of India. Don’t know but refuse to learn.

  4. Bhagwad Jal Park

    Sanjeev, there is no such thing are a "pure" capitalist society or a "pure" socialst society. The US is supposed to be the most capitalist country in the world, but in many ways is far more "socialist" than India.
    So such words are meaningless since they don't apply to any real world. They only serve to uselessly polarize a debate.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No prob, Bhagwad. I understand you are thoroughly confused. Not your fault. The Indian education system is to total mess. So I’ve just published one blog post on this topic – just for you.

    If I can persuade you to start thinking clearly, my job will become easier. Currently I’m just flabbergasted at the level of confusion that prevails in the mindset of Indians.

    And yes, there has been a strong influence of Keynesian socialists in USA – and I’ve written a lot against that – but US is still overhwhelmingly a capitalist society.

  6. Manuel S

    We as a people seem to be ready to idolize individuals in politics without knowing their views on key issues such as economy and foreign policy. In theory utopian socialism sounds good – in reality it soon devolves into a police state. Really a bad choice for India given the corruption and the attitude of the politicians,

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Indeed, while I’m trying to engage with Arvind, that’s because I believe he is well intentioned and may change.

    If he doesn’t change his ideas, I’m going to oppose him comprehensively.


  8. Mayur

    "Socialism is the underlying cause of India's misgovernance"
    Really?Is that why its guaranteed by our constitution?Perhaps you forgot to mention Rajiv Gandhi's statement that ''only 20 paise from a rupee,trickles down to the actual beneficiary''.What according to you are the 'underlying' causes of corruption??
    'Why did RTI not eliminate corruption?"
    Well sir,RTI unearthed most of the corruption cases in the first place.Remember Adarsh?NO?Remember 2 G?No?What about CWG?No?Not surprising.RTI is not a law.It cannot end corruption.It can expose…and by exposing,it can deter.It can instil a sense of fear.And thats what it was entitled to do.The reason why this avalanche of public opinion has built up against the Corrupt is due to RTI.Please dont belittle this.The real deterrence will come vis Lokpal and independent CBI,Right to reject,right to recall etc,which are all a part of the solution as proposed by Shri Kejriwal and Anna.By the way,Anna was the driving force behind RTI.

    Kejriwal has never proclaimed to be left of centre (Whatever that means).He has said time and again that he is a solutions man and if the solution lies anywhere,he is open to it.Nothing doing with left of centre.

    And by the way,study the US constitution for a change…and tell me what sort of a system they are guaranteed under their constitution….heres a hint…its not capitalism.


  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Consider reading BFN to clarify your questions. 

    Re: “The real deterrence will come vis Lokpal and independent CBI,Right to reject,right to recall etc,which are all a part of the solution as proposed by Shri Kejriwal and Anna” – these “solutions” do not address the problem.

    Finally,  “He has said time and again that he is a solutions man and if the solution lies anywhere,he is open to it” that’s totally incorrect. I’ve rarely come across a person LESS INTERESTED in learning about causes (hence only he can understand solutions) than Arvind Kejriwal.