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Anna, please teach good parenting instead of beating people with a belt

A study (Under the Influence) by Demos which shows that good parenting can help reduce binge drinking (presumably what is called "drunkardness" by Anna Hazare). 

"tough love" parenting, combining consistent warmth and discipline, is the most effective way to prevent children developing bad drinking habits

high levels of parental attachment when a child is under five significantly reduce the chances the child will drink excessively

parents should ensure children are shown warmth during the early years, then properly disciplined and supervised as they get older 

The enduring impact of parenting on a child's future relationship with alcohol cannot be ignored. This is good for parents: those difficult moments of enforcing tough rules really do make a difference, even if it doesn't always feel like that at the time. (source)

Above all, teach the child RESPONSIBILITY. And self-awareness (I like the ideas of Swami Suddhananda about self-knowledge. I far prefer that kind of a gentle teacher who EXPLAINS things to us, not someone who beats people with an army belt).

A free society can't function without responsible citizens. To create such citizens is what parents are for.

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