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The harebrained thinkers Anna’s movement is producing

I'm distressed that instead of sending a message to the youth of India to PARTICIPATE in politics and to change the system DEMOCRATICALLY, Anna is fuelling greater and greater ignorance of our democracy among the youth, and turning them AWAY from politics.

That's the opposite of my message to India – of citizenship and citizen participation. I would like to see people starting to think about policy, about how to change things systematically, for there are no short-cuts. My message is detailed, nuanced, and requires careful understanding. It is not something that can be done by launching fasts unto death. It requires THINKING. 

I urge IAC and Anna's team to promote and defend India's democracy, not to destroy it. I urge them to get the youth of India involved in policy thinking and policy debate, not in shallow street democracy events that cannot make the slightest improvement in India's governance system.

Typical examples (from just a few hours of the outpouring of "wisdom" of our youth on FB):

Comment 1

even tell me how can one win an election… Please take my this comment as an concern… Just stand and BMC or MCD type of election and see.. I am sure you haven't tasted this experience… you only can bring learned people with you.. who will admit what you say… And I know you are correct even… But what you are talking about wining an election in this kind of surplice system of election.. We cannot get any thing.. Hence I say Support Anaa Ji...

My response:

We demand freedom and good governance: I'm not a fool who wishes to commit political suicide by contesting elections without the people WANTING ME TO WIN. And they will not want me to win unless we have a team of 500 outstanding leaders AND a policy platform that is GUARANTEED to deliver integrity and prosperity. So I'm not asking anyone to jump in to contest elections. I want good leaders to come together, agree to a good policy platform, then offer to the people of India to see if they want it. Only if they are DESPERATE to have me (and my team) as MP will I contest elections.

Comment 2

Friends, if in your constituency, a politician who has any criminal charges, please do not vote him/her. This is an appeal to all indians to support ANNA

My response

Boycott the corrupt politicians of India: Yes. But that's only the beginning. You MUST be the change you want to be. You MUST become the politician who is good. Do not destroy India's democracy but BUILD it.

Comment 3

Politicians r bloody termite and if v talk ab8 maya then uski mahima uprum par hai

My response

Freedom Team of India Not politicians but the educated people of India are termites. YOU must become the leader if you want change.
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2 thoughts on “The harebrained thinkers Anna’s movement is producing
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